how do you protect your accessories in your bag?

  1. I wasn't sure how to word this, which is probably why I didn't have an effective search, but I've kept my belongings in their dustbag, but its becoming such a hassle to pull them out. But I don't want anything to happen to my vernis or silk screened items, obviously I feel better about my azur and epi. Any ideas or suggestions? TIA :heart:
  2. Don't keep things like pens, keys, loition, and other hazards in your bag.
  3. I don't keep anything protected. I just keep pens in a separate pocket if there is one and I've never had a problem since I've done that. They're pens with caps though, not the click kind..those are hazardous.
  4. Do you mean that you store your small Louis Vuitton leather goods in their dustbags? I could never do that, I just throw everything in my bag and go. Although I usually keep my small Louis Vuitton leather goods in a pocket of the bag.
  5. ^^LOL yup, and its been driving me crazy doing so.
  6. aarti, have you consider those pursket thing? I love mine b/c it really organized my speedy and :heart: all those extra pockets which i find great for little things like bandeau, sunnies etc :smile:

    forgot to mention, i was chatting w/a girl in LV who also use pursket, but she hot glued some type of thick clear plastic linings inside each pocket, so she feels safe to throw lotions, pens and vernis (to avoid color transfer from the printed fabric of pursket) accessory inside those small pockets.....I find it a tab over protected, but it's better safe than sorry!
  7. I do the same with my black MC wapity! Only because I heard that the color can transfer onto other leathers (i.e. - wallet, daily organizer, etc) and because supposedly with too much wear and tear the color rubs off! AH!

    It really is such a hassle though. :push:
  8. I thought I was the only one that did that. :p I agree with the members. Just keep destructive items like lotion, vaseline, and writing instruments away in a separate pouch or pen holder. You should be fine. hmmm... even though I still keep some of the dustbags still folded in my bag. Just in case. :lol:
  9. I think you should be fine with it out of the dustbag as long as you don't carry lotions, oils etc.
  10. I don't protect anything. If there happens to be a pocket it fits in I try to stick them in the pocket. I just bought a pomme 4 key holder and that should ofer some protection since prior I just threw my keys into my bag and they kind of scrathched things up. I am usually too much in a rush and too frazzled to worry about such things (but I do get a little sad when I see my things scratched).
  11. i keep all those dangerous items (lotions, tide stick, benadryl stick etc) in a lesportsac pouch. they are well protected in there from spills and from getting onto the precious accessories. it seems like such a shame and pain to keep the accessories in their dust pouch.
  12. I use a purseket, and most things that could scratch or color transfer, are in the various pockets. I use a damier marais pouch, which can be ordered separately btw. It's the perfect size (in between mini and reg.) It holds receipts and a pen. The extra space in the middle of my bag holds my pomme koala, pomme agenda, and damier pouch, and they're fine without dustbags. I have a red purseket, and while it's fine with pomme, it might be a problem when I get my white mc wapity.
  13. I don't use my wallet often but when I do, it's always in its dustbag. I don't really care about all the other accessories like mono, vernis, MC...etc..
  14. i just make sure no pens or leakable items are in my purse before I put in my LV accessories.
  15. Nope. I don't protect any of my accessories once they are in my bag. I buy them to use them.