How do you protect and clean lace covered shoes?

  1. The title says it all but how do you protect lace covered shoes and, if all else fails and they do get dirty, how do you clean them? Pictures show the type of lace covered shoe I am referring to.
    Alaia Boots 4.JPG
  2. Spray them with something like the Nikwax fabric and leather protector
  3. Thanks for the suggestion.

    I phoned their technical people and they said they would not recommend any of their products on designer shoes because they could not guarantee colour fastness. They said their products are more for out door garments, such as Gortex.

    Thanks anyway.
  4. Ahhh! Didn't know that! I'm trying to recall what I've used on Gucci suede and all sorts of other wasn't Nikwax but something I bought in a shoe shop. The annoying thing is I can see the can in my mind, it's white with green and red....I'll have a Google
  5. Thanks again :tup:.

    I have sent an email to the company to ask them if they have a suitable product. I will let you know what they say once I get a response from them.
  6. Please do as I need something as well
  7. No response so far. Any one else have any ideas?