How do you pronounce "Vlad"?

  1. Hehe sorry this is such a sheepish thread... but how do you pronounce Vlad? I've asked my friends and they all say 'you tell me'.

    I know how to pronounce Megs though! I think...
  2. Vlad can either be pronounced with an 'ah' or with an 'a' as in bad.
  3. Is the 'v' silent or is it actually there?
  4. Oh it's there!
  5. Vlad, pronounced, hottie.
  6. Ah thanks! It's been bugging me for a while whether the 'v' is pronounced or not.

    Hehe! I don't think he'd mind at all hearing that one!
  7. Vlad is pronounced P.I.M.P.

    (Big pimpin, we spendin' them G's )
  8. <=== see icon. Thanks.
  9. Oh, I saw the icon.

    Big Pimpin, the V.L.A.D.
  10. I always wondered: Is Vlad a nickname?
  11. its short for Vladmir is it not?
  12. Oh that makes sense! It probably is.
  13. or Vlad the Impaler....
  14. Yes he is indeed Vladimir.

    He also goes by sugar plum pumpkin cheeks.

    Ok kidding on the last one!
  15. ^ Suuuuure you are. ;)