How do you pronounce Ombre???

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  1. I always have pronounced at "amm-ber". Today my SA called it ohm-bray, kind of like the mexican hombre. How do you say it?
  2. I think its like the SA said, ohm-bray.

    n. A French term meaning "shaded." Usually a multicolored stripe, with colors graduating from light to dark. The color effect is woven into the fabric. Generally produced by arranging different tones in the warp.
  3. you say it like mexican hombre
  4. yup. that's how i pronounce it!

  5. If pronounced the French way, it would be OHM-bruh.
  6. That's how I've always pronounced it also.
  7. Me too.
  8. I've always said Ohm-bray!
  9. For me I would definitely go with Ombre, I like it better and it would match a lot more in my wardrobe.
  10. I've always said and heard om-bray.
  11. i think that is the way it is meant to be said, b/c if coach is trying to go high end theyll go french. but i like most of you say it the spanish way
  12. Ditto...that's how Canadians, in general, would pronounce it whether from French or non-French speaking provinces.

    Take care,
  13. "ohm-bray" is the correct pronunciation
  14. I've always read it as.. "ohmm-bray" ^^;