How do you pronounce Miu Miu??

  1. is it pronouced "Mew Mew" or something else?

    I never heard anyone say it out loud. thank you for your answers
  2. I heard once and can't remember! I'm dying to know also, so I don't sound like a complete idiot to an SA!
  3. A lady at net-a-porter's call center told me it is pronounced moo-ey moo-ey but without too much emphasis on the oo's. So more like mu-ay mu-ay.

  4. I could be totally wrong, but I'm pretty sure her name is pronounced Mew-chya Prada.. so I think Miu Miu is pronounced like Mew-Mew. Haha, hope that helps.
  5. Haha I have always said it like "Me-You Me-You".
  6. I always said mew mew and no one ever looked at me funny.
  7. mew mew
  8. It is pronounced mew-mew. Great question. Here is a great place to find out how alot of the European designers names are pronounced. I found this when I wanted to order some CL shoes and didn't want to sound like an idiot (I probably did anyway though), hope it helps:

  9. It's Mew Mew. I've called Barneys and the Miu Miu store and they've all pronounced it that way. I use to think it was Moo-wee Moo-wee...they guy at Barneys laughed at me :s
  10. Mew Mew is how I pronounce it.
  11. It's italian. Everywhere I've been here in Europe they say Mi-ou Mi-ou (Two syllables per "Miu", so no myu myu or mew mew, there's a slight difference), which is the proper italian pronounciation.
  12. Mi-ou Mi-ou :tup: Its tough trying to describe how something sounds because people pronounce things differently.
  13. That's fantastic...thanks for posting!
  14. hah! great question. I had always pronounced it moui-moui until I asked an SA and just like the general consensus here, I was told...mew-mew.
  15. Glad someone asked. I just got some rocking boots from uh, Miu Miu and did not want to have anyone ask what designer they were.