how do you pronounce matelasse?

  1. so embarrassing! i really love the bag, but have NO idea how to pronounce the name! any help would be appreciated. thanks!
  2. If I'm not mistaken, it's pronounced "mat-uh-lace"
  3. I think it's mat-eh-less. But that's 15-year-old high school French talking.
  4. Oops, scratch that! Fabae is correct... I believe there's meant to be an accent grave on the last "e" which would make the pronunciation maht-luh-sey.
  5. If you're going phonetically in french, it's "Maht-ehl-ahss". I haven't seen an accent of any kind on the last 'e' and it wouldn't really make sense to put it there:yes:
    It is brutal to say, as it comes out sounding like "metal a**". I have yet to be able to say it without giggling or trailing off.
  6. Actually I checked two dictionaries, one had the accent, Webster's did not. Both had identical meanings ("quilted").

    Perhaps one of our French members can help?
  7. ^^Thanks so much you guys! i knew you could help me out!
  8. OMG! That's :yucky: !
    OK, I'm french, so here we go:

    The right spelling is "matelassé", so it takes an accent, and I can assure you that any other way to spell it is just WRONG.

    The meaning is quilted, and padded (just like a matterass, and that's where the word comes from).

    The "é" at the end has to be pronounced, you can't skip on that, if you do you loose the meaning. It's the same sound that you find in "helicopter in english.

    I am not very good at using the phonetic alphabet but I would describe the pronounciation this way: "matt- lass- seh"
    The two "a" are prononuced like in "atomic"
    The "e" is pronounced as I said before like in "helicopter"
  9. ^^thank you! thank you!!! so nice of you to reply!
  10. ^^
    I always love the way you help for French pronunciation Trama !!!
    It sounds funny (well for me)...and of course you're always right !!!
  11. thanks fromparis!:shame:
  12. Je vous en prie Trama :smile:
  13. Oh, I'm SO glad to hear that there is supposed to be an accent on the end! I was going by the spelling I'd always seen, which is without the accent. Now I don't have to worry about saying it anymore thanks to our wonderful European members! THANK YOU Trama!!:heart:
  14. Interesting.... love the actual pronunciation!!! I wish I were fluent in French
  15. Correct. I just confirmed this with BalNY.