How do you pronounce: LANVIN?

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  1. Tia!
  2. lahn-van with emphasis on the lahn-almost like lawnn-van but drop the hn-it should sound soft, not crisp-does this help?
  3. This always made me laugh.....i still say it all wrong sometimes...only because the correct way seems too much......:P

    Just like is said Row-hoss........

    My sister and I have this thing about saying designer names the way it looks spelled instead of the correct a joke.....but sometimes it comes out in public, and well SA's don't always find it as funny...
  4. gmel, do you live in KY, by chance? There an Hermes Street in the city I grew up in and I noticed your avatar.
  5. What! another Hermes st.??? ...... j/k

    No.....I live in CA
  6. It's just funny because I was back in KY in September and we drove by Hermes Street and my daughter started freaking out. When I saw your avatar, I thought maybe you lived there. I guess there are Hermes Streets everywhere! LOL!

  7. Yes..thank you!
  8. Is the emphasis definitely on the first syllable? I thought it was on the second...
  9. I recently decided that at some point in my life I need a Lanvin bag. I don't want to sound like a fool when I need to say it out loud!

    I wasn't sure which forum to post this in but since I love Lanvin fashion too I thought I'd put it here. A bag is much more attainable for me but I love the clothes too.

  10. Thanks!
  11. I have always said it "landvin" but without the d-- now I know it is lawnvan:P
  12. Remember when H & M did a collaboration w Lanvin? I lived in Austin at the time and I was bummed out that I didn't have an H&M nearby- but I was going to be in Spain the following week so I planned on checking the stores in Madrid and Barca. Anyhow, no one understood me bc the way the Spaniards pronounce their "v" - their proper way of pronouncing Lanvin is "Lan-BAAN" instead of Lan-veh (something like that)
    I think it's more forgiving to pronounce Lanvin differently than the French but then again, HER-MEEZ, or HER-MESS is a good example of bad pronunciation.

    Funny food for thought.

    Happy Lanvin, ladies! :smile: