How do you Pronounce it?

  1. I'm perfectly fine with saying "YSL" all the time to save myself the embarassment, but just out of curiosity, can anyone sound it out for me? I know "Saint", lol. I know that much :P
  2. It's tricky isn't it? My husband (who's French) made me memorise it after he caught me pronouncing it wrongly the first time!
    It sounds like saying "Eve Son-g Law-rong" least that's how I remember it now, and he's got no probs with it.:P
  3. I know! LOL!!! That's why I just YSL!!!!!

  4. Eve Saan Lah-raan
  5. Phoebe got it right on the money. It's funny because everytime I call YSL a french person answers the phone. I know they have other people working there, but it's like they have the person who knows how to pronounce it the best answering the phone.
  6. French is my first language and Swanky's rendition is the closest to how it would look sounded out. There are no "g" sounds in it...
  7. ^that's what I was thinking{?}
  8. Yep, you're right! :yes:

  9. I almost agree. :yes: I would say:

    Eve San L'ron

    ...both n's should be soft (the latter, almost as if a very slight 'g' sound has been added).
  10. just reviving this thread.

    i noticed YSL bag names are not as easy to pronounce

    how do you say besace, yse, and other names which sounds different from enunciated words(muse, dt, easy...).
  11. I believe 'besace' is pronounced "bezas" and it means 'pouch'.
  12. thanks:smile:
  13. I always joke to my friends who don't take French that you should cross out half the letters in a word and then pronounce it. It's almost true. phoebe baby has it right. The "g"s aren't *really* there though. It's almost like a suggestion of a g.
  14. omg, so embarrassing.. i totally pronounced it wrong!