How do you pronounce grenat?

  1. Or should I just refer to it as "oxblood" when speaking to a SA? Thanks!
  2. i think you could say oxblood and the SAs would know which color you were referring to...
  3. Gruh-Nat should be enough without the french accent ;)
  4. and without the 't' at the end
  5. They're calling it Oxblood at BalNY
  6. LOL. When I asked for it, I pronounced it like, "Gruh-naht" and then I thought I might have mispronounced it so I quickly added, "the lovely Oxblood color". lol.
  7. So it's gruh-nah?

    Hmm, think I'll end up saying oxblood anyway. Thanks though!
  8. What style are you ordering? :smile:
  9. Lori - there's no point in dropping the "t" really. When I say the word in French my tongue still touches the roof of my mouth at the end of the word.
    Oxblood is good ;)
  10. I validate "gruh-nat". The "t" is not pronounced in French, but I don't think the NY people will know ;) !

    Good luck!