How do you pronounce Goyard?

  1. Is it go-yaaar or gwa-yaar or something else entirely?
  2. OK, of the 19 views, there were 0 replies. Is that because I asked a stupid question or because no one here knows the answer?
  3. No such thing as a stupid question here! I bet there have been so many views but no replies because, like me, they don't know either and were hoping the question had been answered.
  4. I was hoping someone would answer! I would love to know how to pronounce it too!
  5. Someone on another forum I frequent told me Go-yar. So that's how I'm pronouncing it.:idea:
  6. My fashionable friend pronounces it "go-YARD", so that's how I've been saying it... let's see how fashionable she really is... :rolleyes:
  7. I haven't heard the specific name pronounced, but with my inexpert college-level French I would say that it would accurately be pronounced Go-yar, as ilaughead says. The americanized pronunciation would be Go-yard, I guess, as mangowife's friend says it. The French tend not to pronounce consonants at the ends of words.
  8. Go-yaaar. The d is not pronounced.The r isn´t really audible as well.
  9. Being French, I presume it would be Goy-yah. :biggrin:

  10. To have a hard d, I think it would have to have an e on the end, wouldn't it? :shrugs:

    Then, I think it would be pronounced Goy-yah-de (like the phonetic 'd')... :blink:
  11. I'm reaching back into my memory of high school and college French and I think you're right. In order for the "d" to be specifically pronounced there would have to be a letter following it.

    I'd guess it would be pronounced goy - yah (with the "r" sort of swallowed up and the "d" silent). None of my friends are the least bit interested in handbags or fashion for that matter (:confused1: :confused1: :confused1:)so I've never heard it pronounced.
  12. Correct, leelee. The only final consonants in French that are pronounced are - C R F and L. A way to remember that is - every other letter in the word "CAREFUL."
  13. ^
    Thanks RowanOak! I sooooo loved French class and wish I had the opportunity to speak in that beautiful language. I confess, though, to eaves-dropping on other people's conversations when they speak in French!
  14. So... if I wanted to say "Goyards" or "Goyard's", how would that be pronounced? "Goy-yahs" doesn't sound quite right... but I don't know much about the French language (wish I did!).
  15. I'd avoid the issue all together and just say "Goyard handbags".:shame: