how do you pronounce chloe?

  1. I thought it was klo - ee but my sister says shlo- ay?
  2. klo-eee for meee!
  3. Its Klowee
  4. hmm i wonder where my sister got shlow-A then?
  5. I've also heard Klow-A?
  6. I pronounce it Klow-ee but I think the correct pronounciation is Klow-ay:p

  7. Yes, it's definitely Klo-ee. :yes:

    Maybe she's thinking of Madame Cholet, the French chef from the Wombles (pronounced sho-lay)? :lol:

    Top left in this pic:


    'Underground, overground, Wombling free,

    The Wombles of Wimbledon Common are we.

    Taking good care of the things that we find,

    Things that the everday folks leave behind.'!

    More lyrics here:

    As you can see, the Wombles were very ahead of their time, environmentally speaking, LOL! :yes: :lol:
  8. You are right, its klow-ee
  9. But what about its being a French brand and having that accent mark on the "e" - which would make it Chlo-ay?
  10. ^ Yes, I suppose it should, technically, be klow-eh; like the e acute of ecole?
  11. klow-ee Sounds Better To Me.....
  12. Chloe
    Pronunciation: KLO-ee
    "Sassy", "sexy" and "ultra cool" are the adjectives often associated with the designer label Chloe. Chloe's designs portray extreme romance, luxury and elegance. The French quintessential design house received worldwide exposure when it employed Stella McCartney (daughter of ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney) as Karl Lagerfeld's replacement as head designer.

    the site also has phenetics for other fashion houses
  13. Well, my daughter's name is Chloe and we pronounce it KLO-ee! That is how I have always heard it pronounced.
  14. love it! what a fun site!
  15. Im french and pronouce it : Klow-a (y) or Klo-eh i dont know how to spell it eheh!