how do you pronounce cambon?

  1. how do you pronounce cambon?


  2. I pronounce it
    Cam - bawn
    it was hard not to say
    Cam - bon LOL!
    It' sounds like it's spelled, at least that's how my SA always pronounces it.
  3. Thanks!!
  4. I have heard it pronounced 2 ways...some SA's say Cam-bawn, as Swanky said, and I've heard others say, Cam-bone (cam, like camera, bone like dog bone)
  5. I asked my SA this same question and she said CAM-BONE
  6. I think it's supposed to be pronounced like a french word, where the n is not fully pronounced. I'm not sure how to write it out for you, but it is pronounced like cam (like camera), bon (as in the saying "Bon Voyage," or "Bonjour"), or so I've been told.
  7. My SA said it's pronounced Cam Bone (rhyme Bone with moan).
  8. If you know how to pronounce the French word for ham, "jambon" (zham-bon), it rhymes with that.

    It should not be pronounced "cam-bone".

    The following is a wav file pronouncing jambon in French. Just replace the "zh" with the hard C (k) sound:
  9. good info
  10. It is french. Chanel's main headquarters and haute couture production are on the rue Cambon in Paris.
  11. Thanks for the info!!
  12. I agree with Mimi.
    I've never said it like cam- bone...And the sa in Paris pronounced it the same way as Mimi explained...:yes:
  13. Bravo Mimi !