How do you prevent your speedy from SAGGING?

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  1. I went to hobby lobby and bought a piece of cardboard and glued some red felt to match my Damiers interior, looks great and matches perfect. For my 35, I bought a pursket and sewed the ends together, also works perfect :smile:
  2. does anyone remember the ebay seller that sold speedy shaper with pockets it completely covered the inside of the speedy? i remember tpf member mentioned that the seller had her own site that sold it
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    Do you mean ? ;)

    Ops, not that. Sorry I didn't notice that you're looking for the one with pockets.
    Maybe this one: ?
  4. kattyna thxs alot for the info!:yahoo: been waiting forever to try to find the site!
  5. Your' welcome missjenjen ;)

    If you buy the shaper, please let me know if it works great!:P
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    i found this awesome site that sells pre-loved louis vuittons and they actually sell a "base shaper" for all size speedys. the website is and it is a great site to buy old or new louis'. the price of the "base shaper" is $12.00. they also sell "stuffer pillows" so that the speedy keeps it's shape when not in use. the price for the "stuffer pillow" is $22.00.

    *no worries...this site ( is registered with for all you louis lovers, you know that is a site that authenticates sites and sellers to assure that what they sell are ONLY authentic designer good.

    hope this helps all you speedy owners =):biggrin:
  7. [​IMG]
    Much cheaper to buy from her website vs. eBay, as the bids go up over the prices she has on her website.

    ^Also ordered this, just for the bottom from eBay.

    I bought both yesterday, and they both shipped out today! Super fast! Can't wait to get them next week for my brown wc speedy. I will definitely make a thread about them. :yahoo:
  8. For the all in one shaper she only has shapers for the Speedy 30... do you think that it would work in the Speedy 35?
  9. I emailed her and she says she'll be making the 35 so just wait a lil bit~
  10. Ive been wondering how to solve my sagging problems with my monogram speedy 30 and I must say that your tips really helped me a lot :smile: thankss a bunch! :smile:

  11. I bought the base shapers from jennycola (which is similar to the 2nd pic you posted) over ebay for all my speedys. They work great!!!

    I want to know how do you find the 1st base shaper you posted (from hippiegal)? Was it easy to use? Do you have pics of how it looks like inside the speedy? I'm really curious to know. I want to purchase and try hers, but her price is rather expensive so I want to make sure if it's worth it. LOL


  12. I saw on other thread that its kinda heavy and it has a space from bottom of the shaper and bottom of the bag.. They also stated that things such as pens gets stuck under the shaper...

    Somebody invent speedy shaper!!! pleasseeeeee

  13. ohhhh thank you for letting me know!!! I really appreciate it. =)

    I think those base shapers from jennycola is the best! I've have a few and use them with my speedys and neverfulls, worked great! nothing gets stucked underneath. she's no longer on ebay though, but I think she has a website though. i wonder why she closed her ebay store. :shrugs:
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  15. is it possible to ask the SA to put something inside the speedy like a cardboard or something when you buy it so that it wont sag?