How do you prevent your speedy from SAGGING?

  1. I have a MC Speedy and I carry alot of stuff in it ..... so it sags pretty much.

    And I NO LIKEY. :yucky:

    My friend told me to put a piece of cardboard on the bottom.

    Would this ruin the inside alacantra lining or my MC PTI wallet in some way?

    What do y'all suggest to use?
  2. Personally, I use a Coach catelogue in the bottom of my speedy 25, and no worries about colour transfer or the such ! :yes:
  3. I'd suggest a customize round-cut plexi-glass or foam board.
  4. I do nothing against the sag, coz it belongs to a Speedy IMO and I like it.
    You can use cardbord or a purseket or maybe a small magazine... Just do a search, here are tons of threads about this topic :flowers:
  5. Sometimes I put an US weekly in the bottom of mine, and it helps. bUt the sag might grow on you like it did with me!
  6. I use a manila folder at the bottom and a purseket.
  7. I've heard ladies using cardboard with no problems. I like the sag and do nothing...I find my MC speedy doesn't sag as much as the regular ones.
  8. i use a piece of cardboard at the bottom, and a medium Purseket to keep the shape
  9. I use a magazine at the bottom of my mono speedy.
  10. Great ideas, nvr thought of any of them....
  11. Agree. :yes:

    :heart: Thanks Everybody :heart:
  12. I have a large puresket in my speedy 30 but nothing on the bottom. I carry alot of stuff and I don't think it sags terribly but a little sag, IMO, looks right for the speedy (a little--not a deflated speedy shaped balloon thing).
  13. def do a search,, this topic has been beaten to death!
  14. Sorry! :sad:

    I'm new to this forum and wasn't aware you could do a "search" to view previous forums.
  15. yup. i love the sag, but i think you should get a carboard something or other...
    or foam.

    and please excuse this if i am wrong (just a student speaking...)
    but isn't it enamorado con lv.
    lol. im not sure. :smile: