how do you prevent patina?

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  1. I know a lot of people really like it when their bags have a great patina, but I'm one of the few who likes the white look of the new leather. Do you guys know any tricks to prevent the leather from turning brown too quickly?
  2. I don't like a patina either...unfortunately, I think it's inevitable..HOWEVER, I usually prevent mine by making sure I don't put any lotion on before handling a bag. I also watch out for rain, store in their dust bags when I'm not using them. I try not to let them sit in the sun while driving. Um, basically, I just try to buy LV's that don't have much vachetta on them.
  3. oxidation is what does it and thats pretty unavoidable unless you keep it in a vacuum (a room with no air!) even if you keep it in the dustbag, in the box, in a dark closet, it may not happen as fast but it does happen. Learn to love the patina I say.
  4. You really can't stop the process- it'll happen even if you don't use it. You could slow it by keeping it out of sunlight I guess.
  5. next time, plz go to the FAQ sub- forum at the top of the page :smile:
  6. "embrace your inner patina"
    hmmm....that may have to be my new sig!
  7. LOL Bags

    I try to delay the patina for as long as possible. I know it happens but I think keeping it out of the light as much as possible helps to slow down the process so I keep in dustbags when not using
  8. You dont! its going to happen whether you like it or not.
    Just make sure you dont use hand cream and that will help. The oil on your hands makes it dark(dirty looking) but air and sun are going to do it.
  9. This question has been asked many times in the past, so perhaps please try using the search feature above next time.

    You could also try searching the FAQ's page under patina and oxidation at the top of the page. ;)
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