How do you prep for the warmer weather now?

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  1. You northerners (especially northeasterners know what I'm talking about)

    now that the weather is getting nicer out, what do you do to prep for it? I start to shave more frequently because my legs will be showing at some point, i get a pedicure once when its really spring outside and then I upkeep from there, pull out my wedges and sandals, take care of my feet better for all the open shoes, for some reason have to try outfits together beforehand and make sure they match...

    also, slightly changing up my foundation to tinted moisurizer, get my hair trimmed and debating to get it highlighted again'

    what do you do?
  2. 1. Shaving legs.

    2. changing over to my less heavy moisturizer.

    3. Getting more frequent pedicures.

    4. Working my upper body a little more w/ weights too so my arms aren't so flabby.
  3. During warm weather I keep my legs shaved, apply spray tan more often, and I use a sugar scrub, pumice stone, and Zim's cream on my heels. I'm always in sandals so my feet need extra tlc! Other than that, I don't really do anything different.
  4. LOL! It's funny that you started this thread. I live in Maine and it's definately been getting warmer in the past few days. I'm starting to get really anxious for warmer weather So yesterday I shaved my legs...(haven't done that in about 2 weeks...gross I know). I also got out my Ped Egg and my gave feet a good scrubbing...they are so smooth now. I gave myself a pedicure.

    Today I shaved some other places that really needed it...that I tend to let go more in the winter. If you KWIM...:shame:
  5. Oh I can't wait for sandal weather! I'll be getting a pedicure, wax and haircut in the next few weeks.
  6. I have the same routine year round - I always shave and exfoliate, moisturize, get regular pedicures, keep my hair the way I like it, and wear summery makeup, etc. I am a very summery person and love bright colors, so just because it's winter I find no reason to change that. :biggrin:
  7. I get more pedicures and manicures [almost weekly], I shave my legs year round, tan, exfoliate, moisterize and bust out the bright clothes.
  8. i get pedicures, exfoliate and moisturize my legs regularly, and slather on the sunscreen :P
  9. My beauty maintenance is uniform all year round - shaved legs etc, 2 weekly mani/pedi, all over fake tan. Even if no-one sees my toes but me, I really like them to be me shallow :shame: