How do you prefer to sell?

  1. When you decide to give up one of your bags, what is your preferred method of selling?

    1. Email friends
    2. Ebay
    3. other suggestions.... success stories
  2. eBay.

    But there is a Marketplaza here reserved for longtime contributing members that some people are able to use. It's a great alternative to eBay once people are here for a few months and have contributed to the Forum.
  3. eBay, with all of it's flaws, is the best way to go (unless you are in the MP2).
  4. How can I log in marketplace...
    I have an itch to buy something to reduce my stresssss...
  5. Thank you!
  6. Thanks tw1n8ngel, it would be really nice to get into the Marketplaza, only because i am always afraid of websites selling Chanel etc. because they might be fakes and i am hopeless at telling!
    Hopefully in a few months I might be granted access.
  7. eBay!

    You'll get the best return there - just remember to put lots of good close-up photos of the areas that will show that your bag is authentic.
    I have sold clothing at local consignment shops, but never bags - they take 50% of the sale price here, which is WAY more than what eBay charges.
  8. ebay.

    i sold most of my bags on ebay at the price I wanted to get for them