how do you pre-treat and clean your H-H and RM bags?

  1. i tried doing a search but i can't quite find the answer.... i think most ladies use LMB for H-H and Apple Guard for RM. Is that correct? Should i NOT use Apple Guard on H-H (i'm thinking of the Chalk Inka). thanks!
  2. I'm too much of a chix to put anything on my bags to protect them. Guess I should though. I have been using my HH satchel bag for a few weeks now and it looks great, even with all the snow we have been getting here in Nebraska.
  3. I didnt pre-treat my Chalk Inca but use Mr Clean Stain Eraser periodically to take off some of the dirt. Works pretty well
  4. I spray all of my bags with Wilsons spray.
  5. I used Apple Garde on my HH Ana (plum), but not on my other HH bags (just because of leather types, I was more concerned about the type of leather used on the Ana since it scratches more easily). I had no problems with it, but it wasn't a light color.
  6. I've used Shining Monkey on my 3 HH bags (the Gaza prune hobo, Mercer satchel in Iznik yellow and the suede parts of my olive Mimi) with no problems. I spot tested first (I used the luggage tag). It hasn't changed the appearance of the leather at all (to my eye) and it protects it well (I live in a rainy climate). HTH
  7. Many people use warm cloth and special cleaning lotion. The cleaners can do it for you or if you call the sellers.
  8. I just moisturize my glazed Matinee, and (unglazed) MA with this leather moisturizer I have from Coach. I'm just very, very careful when I use them hehe!
  9. I use Apple guarde stuff. Works great!

    About the shining monkey products; I would be wary about using them. There have been posts on tpf about the SM products being hazardous to the skin and more
  10. H-H has lots of great information on their website about handbag treatment and cleaning. I've used the Mr. Clean eraser they recommend and it really works.
  11. I've used Appleguarde on my HH bags and LMB on RM (I would've used Appleguarde on my RM, too, but I ran out and decided to give LMB a try!). I use the Appleguarde Rain & Stain repellent on both with great results.
  12. i just got grease on my RM MAM about half an hour ago. what to do!?!? i didn't pre-treat my bag and now i'm left with the oil sad!

    any ideas would help, thanks!
  13. May I ask what bags you have sprayed with Wilsons? I just got some and want to use it on my bags, but am a bit worried cause I've never used it before. I have a HH Pastis Frame in brandy, RM MAM in blue unglazed, an AC Jet Setter Jr in glazed stone, a MBMJ Turnlock Heidi in black, and a Balenciaga city in plomb. I guess I just want reassurance they that it will work on lots of different bags.

  14. from my research (on tPF), the rain/stain repellent sprays like ScotchGuard, Wilson's, and Apple Garde are fine on most leathers. do a test on the bottom of the bag first, if you want to make sure. it seems like the cleaners and moisturizers/lotions have adverse affects on certain leather types (making them darker or dull).

    i have two RM MAMs and i'm confident that the sprays will not harm the bag. i'm hoping that this pretreatment/repellent will mean i won't have to use those cleaners or moisturizers!!
  15. snowtire, I heard putting a little cornstarch on the oil stain, then gently heating it (like with a lightbulb) will pull the oil out of the leather. Might want to do a forum search for "corn starch" or something to get the exact method. Hope that helps.