How do you pre-order??

  1. Hi All! I am interested in getting one of the new Cruise re-issues or the new smaller Cabas Totes when they come out and I was wondering how you pre-order or get on the waitlist for a certain bag?

    Do you have to be a regular customer to pre-order or can anyone do it? Can you do it over the phone? Also, I will probably pick just one out of the two to keep so would it be alright to order both and then decide?

    Thanks in advance for any info! :smile:
  2. Anyone can pre-order, there's no opbligation. I'd call the couple of nearest stores to you. If you REALLY want someting I'd get on at least 2 waitlists. Just call the boutique/NM/BG, etc. . . and tell them you need to be added to the waitlist if there is one for ______ bag.
  3. Great, I will call a few tomorrow! Thanks so much Swanky, I appreciate it!
  4. court, also if you are really serious about a bag, you might want to give them your cc to automatically charge the purchase. sometimes the SA will "bump" you up on the list if they know you are definitely buying.
  5. Ok, thanks for the tip!!