how do you post pix that come up in post,not as a link?

  1. Hi there everyone!
    I have looked around and done a search on TPF to find out how you post pix to come up in your thread post and not just as a link on the bottom, but have not come up with a way to do it. do

    How DO you post a pic that come up IN post, not just as a link?

    Thanks ladies and gents!
  2. Are you talking about from a photobucket account?
    If so...copy & paste the one that starts with
  3. this should be moved. but do the photobucket thing.
  4. you need a web host photobucket is good, you upload your pics there and then copy and paste the code you get into the post your making
  5. [​IMG]

    Clicking that button brings up a box where you can enter the URL of a picture you already have hosted online (like a picture hosted on Photobucket).
  6. I was just testing it. Oh my gosh. It works!
  7. thanks ladies!
    bagsnbags- i could not find that thread for the life of me! thanks!
  8. [​IMG]

    checking, 123, as long as this is getting moved or deleted anyway...
  9. Omigod It Totally Worked How Did I Not Know About Photobucket Thank You All So Much Woo-hoo Yay Very Happy Right Now! So Easy I Could Just Jump Up And Down And Cheer!
  10. the bad thing is. . . when you decide to remove that photo from your Photobucket account, it will be gone here too.
    This is why there's red X's all over the place :sad:
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  12. [​IMG]

    testing. I had this question too-
  13. Wow! Thanks everyone! First time I've used photobucket-:rolleyes:
  14. Sorry, one more time. Using a photo from my desktop.[​IMG]