How do you post pictures?

  1. Thanks! When I click on the insert image, I don't know what the url is. It is a picture saved on my hard drive.
  2. please help me too! I have done it before but for some reason it is not working for me.... can someone help? cheers.
  3. You can use free online image host site like photobucket to upload your pictures to

    once you've created an account, you can upload your pictures:

    on the right side of your "my album" page
    click browse
    locate the picture and select it
    hit open
    and repeat for each picture if you have a couple more

    then click "upload"

    once it's been uploaded, you can click the box underneath your photo that says "IMG code"

    that automatically copies the url.

    then when you go to create a message here, just paste ( ctrl v) into your message and you're set!

    thing is, it's helpful to resize your photo to maybe 500 megapixels before you upload so the image isn't so big. programs like picasa is real easy for that.

    good luck and i hope that was clear!;)
  4. [​IMG][/IMG]does this work??

  5. hmm.... stil not. wait a sec...
  6. [​IMG][/IMG]

    I am following your instructions extactly... still not working...?
  7. try posting under "go advanced" i noticed that when i try to post it under the reg "post quick reply" it does not work. so go to the "go advanced" and try it there. but you can post pics directly from you hard drive as well, but just be sure, you are using the "go advanced" post and click the manage attachments link. If it is NOT uploading correctly, you will have to change your megapixals on the pic. 640x480 and below will upload. hope that makes sense. good luck
  8. step1. upload your pictures to (look at lorenzzo94580's post)
    step2. under the pic that you want to post, look for direct link - select, copy the direct link
    step3. Go over to TPF.
    Then Go Advance
    Click on Insert Image, paste the direct link from photobucket (remember to cleared the http:// before you paste) hit postreply. Done.

    hope it help =)
  9. [​IMG]
  10. it worked! you guys are awesome. so smart! thanks a bunch :smile: