How do you post on LJ

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  1. Ok so I have joined LJ but cannot see how you post a thread of your own. I can see how to reply to other posts -- but where do I start my own ..

  2. What is LJ?
  3. Life Journal?
  4. Its a louis vuitton forum on live Journal --- and I just dont understand how to start a new thread.. I thought I may get a bit more luck on there when asking if a LV bag was real or fake ,, as I have not really has any replys on here yet... Anyways get this ,,, so I politley ask in another thread if a member would be so kind and post a ebay link in a new thread for me of the antigua bag to see if it was real or fake ... and she was very rude and said she would not... well thats the last time I ask for help over there ... I cant belive how rude she could be ... it would have been no hardship on her:evil:
  5. maybe she means on the purse blog... i'm having the same trouble, i can't figure out how to start my own thread!
  6. Just go to the upper left hand corner of the menu page and you'll see "new threads" and click on it. Then you can start posting new threads here on Purse Forum.

  7. Hi there...

    On purseblog to start a new thread you click in the section you want to post i.e .. ''handbags'' or ''deals and steals'' etc then up the top you will see a button that says ''new thread'' click it then write you thread and click post


    p.s .. I meant I dont understand on Live Journal.
  8. Irissy .. can you explain in detail how to post on LJ ... I dont get it .. do you have to pay to use their facilities.???
  9. You need to be subscribed or friended to the louis vuitton community. Create an account for yourself if you haven't already. Add the LV community to your watch list. Then, when you go to the "Update LJ" page where you can update your own blog, you will see that there is a dropdown near the bottom where you can select the LV community as the community to post the entry in.
  10. Also livejournal has many pages of FAQs and help topics that address all this stuff in much greater detail.
  11. Thanks Jane i will cjeck it out :smile: