How do you play job offers safe?

  1. I've been doing a VERY intensive line of interviews the last two weeks. I had to take a personal day off on Wednesday to do about 6. I am now in most of my second interview processes with exceptions of about 2 companies that I had to fill in.

    I have a top 3 and I just got a offer from my 4th choice. It would be great opportunity in terms of the next step in my title but I would rather get into a large corporation. I had a really great interview with my number 1 choice on Wednesday and the regional manager liked me so much that he is wanting to take me on a lunch interview this Monday. The problem is, I have until Monday to accept or decline the offer. Because it's my 4th choice and I would most likely decline it because I know exactly where I want to be and where I would better advance myself in the future, how do I play it safe later with all my other options (assuming they all turn our great)?
  2. I would be honest with #4, tell them that you need more time because you're checking out other options. If they really like you and want you, they will accommodate you. Can you put them off maybe until Wednesday instead of Monday?
  3. I had truthfully told him that I was still considering other offers and I think he was a little taken back by it.

    He started the conversation as though I'll be in the office in 2 weeks. And when I said I had a few (well if 8's a few) companies to consider, I think he wanted to set some kind of urgency on. =T Definitely have to consider the way he reacted.
  4. Tell No. 1 that you have an offer and that you need a decision ASAP.
    Try to get some more days from No. 4 to think about. Then make a decision.
    Whatever you do, DON'T ditch No. 4 for any promises from No. 1 without No. 1 making a binding offer. You can always leave No. 4 during your probation period if No. 1 comes through with an offer later.
  5. Ugh, I can't stand it when employers act as if they're the only ones in the game. Any employer that tries to push you into a position is definitely one I'd look out for too. Why is he so desperate? It seems like a warning sign to me.