How do you pick your HG bag?

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  1. As many do, I'm getting to the point in my life where I want to purchase only "investment pieces" that I absolutely freakin' love. The last couple of years, since I graduated and began work, I've gotten into this habit of buying designer bags only b/c I'm getting a good deal on them. They're all cute, I like them but I think I'd eventually like to sell most. And most of the styles I purchased, I purchased because I thought I liked that they were different from what others in my area were carrying.

    I don't know if others out there have been in these shoes. But here's where I am now: I want to make a bag purchase this year. I don't want to try to purposefully seek out the steal of a deal. I want a bag that I would not hesitate to pay full price for.

    That said, if I pay full price and it's my one bag purchase for 2014, I want to know that it isn't just infatuation and I won't fall out of love with the bag I pick... it needs to be timeless, in a way, or at least wearable for 3-5 years ;)

    I like the Givenchy Antigona, for instance. But will I feel wearing this style for years to come? I like some of the Saint Laurent bags, too (like the duffle...). But same Q!

    I'd love to hear from others. What is your HG bag, did you pull the trigger, how did you know it was "the one"?...
  2. I think it takes a lot of time to find the right bag. Sometimes "the one" is not the best, perhaps it's too expensive so you're afraid to use it, or it's not the best for your lifestyle. I carried a LV epi speedy for many years but it's hand held only. Now I carry shoulder bags mostly but I'd like to find a really light-weight bag.
  3. for me I feel like its the biggest Chanel flap. I am no where near being able to afford one but my god are they beautiful.
  4. I know this is going to sound weird, but it sort of picks you. In that it haunts you and causes you to obsess over it for months until you finally bite the bullet and give in....
    For me, it was Chanel. I love, love, love and own Dior, Valentino, Saint Laurent, etc etc, but could never feel okay with spending $2k + for a bag, so I never bought Chanel. Then finally, I said screw it, I know I want one, sold bags and saved, and bought the right one for me (the classic petite tote in my avatar). Haven't looked back since!
  5. I'm with CoachCruiser on this one. I feel you don't pick your HG, it just happens. For me, it's the Chanel GST and Hérmes Evelyne. I know I'll probably never be rich enough to afford either but the very fact that they exist make me happy. Soooo pretty, soooooo obsessed!
  6. For me I knew the instant I saw it! Its the LV empriente speedy 25 in celeste. My favorite color is blue and this blue is sooooo beautiful, it goes with so much of my wardrobe. The leather is absolutely gorgeous and very durable at the same time. It can get wet (a little) and no damage to the bag. It can be carried hand held, shoulder or crossbody (what more could you want!).The size is perfect for me. I have 3 other LV speedys so I have already loved the classic style, but this one takes the cake. I will be carrying and loving this bag the rest of my life! I have other bags too that I love so the empriente will be rotated but it is without a doubt my absolute favorite ever:love:
  7. To me is a feeling I get when I hold the bag. It's a bit weird, but it's how it's worked out for me.

    Example: when I 1st went into Louis Vuitton to purchase a speedy, everyone would always suggest DE because you can wear it in all kinds of weather. I went to the store positive I was getting my DE speedy, the second I held it, I remember feeling dissapointed! lol it just wasn't love, my SA can see it in my face so she brought me the Mono, the second I held it I was like this is it! Well as it turnes out it's one of my favorite HG bags!

    The best HG's are bags that you purchase for yourself & not everyone else!
  8. Agreed :yes:

    I don't think you can force the issue

    Mine was/is the Gucci Bamboo Top-handle, as you say, something that can be both classic and contemporary looking, able to be worn with any outfit from casual to super-dressy
  9. Agree with what others have posted. :yes:

    My HG is an Hermes Birkin. For me, it was love at first sight... I saw it in a magazine as a teenager and that was it. At the time, I didn't know what is was (or what it cost), but I knew that someday it would be mine. It has classic lines - some might even say it looks like luggage - and since the design is based on another bag that has been around for decades, I know it'll never go out of style.
  10. I don't know if it's my HG, but MJ Stella is one of my favorite bags. I got obsessed over it for a couple months before I caved and bought it sight unseen. I only saw it on a magazine spread, but I loved it so much I kept that issue by my bedside. When I opened the box, my heart skipped and I couldn't make up my mind whether I should carry it right away or not. Everything about it was magical. Years passed, I have many other bags that if love, but Stella still has a special place in my heart and I still carry her, although not as often as before.
    I guess if you happen to love the bag so much, she'll always be in your rotation and you will always feel good carrying her no matter what. :smile:
  11. An "investment" piece in my opinion should be the following:
    1- Approptriate for your lifestyle.
    2- The size must be proptionate to your frame.
    3- The color and structure goes well your style.
    4- Has a classic shape or a part of a designer's permanent line.

    Btw: the ysl duffle bag and sac de jour are a part of Saint Laurent's permanent collection! The shapes are quite classic , unlike the antigona which's more of an IT bag.
  12. I guess it is something that seems unachievable. You can buy bag after bag but the HG seems elusive. For me, it was the Chanel jumbo flap and LV Sofia Coppola. I love them.
  13. a HG will find you when you least expect it. no need to look for one. you will be wasting your time.
  14. For me, a HG bag could be either a bag I really, really would like to have one day but could be beyond my current budget and/or simply extremely HTF (like a lizard Kelly!)


    It could be a bag that I stumble upon unexpectedly and I can't stop thinking about it for 2+ days and feel like I just HAVE to have it or I will forever regret it and will always think of "the one that got away" (like a fuchsia lamb mini!)

    Maybe I should call bag #1 an UHG, since I really don't know if I will ever have one. But it's nice to think about it and I definitely don't lose sleep not having her. :smile:

    If bag #2 is the definition of a HG bag, then she will definitely find you! She may be a bag that you never thought you would ever want, but once you see her your heart will pitter-patter...and you will know she's your HG! :smile:
  15. Yes to all of the above. You will know when you find 'The One'. You can't force it or 'make it happen'. You are liable to make many purchases and always feel a bit unsatisfied until one day... you try on a bag that just works and floors you with the flood of happiness you suddenly feel and you never want to let it go.