How do you personally know how to spot an authentic

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  1. I know there are countless guides written out there about how to spot fake LVs, and other handbags. I am pretty much an expert at spotting fake Coach and Gucci bags but new to LV. I would like to be able to develop my skills, as I would like to start collecting vintage LV bags at yard sales flea markets etc. I know fakes of these bags have been made for years but I don't want to end up buying a fake. There seems to be many variables like certain rules apply to newer bags and not old ones etc so how do YOU personally check for authenticity ? This would help me when I am out and don't have all of my reference materials with me. Thanks so much
  2. It's pretty obvious when the material looks cheap and when everything isn't symmetrical but other than that, I can't judge since I'm not familiar with all of the older colors and styles. I can't tell online since lighting is always an issue, but that what the authenticate thread is for!
  3. Hello !

    Unfortunately, we don't have a set guide as these forums are available to everyone
    - as there is also the possibility we could be helping counterfeiters improve their craft.

    The best way to get tips would be to try your hand at authenticating vintage items on eBay and then also posting them on the authenticate this thread. This way, you can have your own tips confirmed and if you were curious as to how to confirm for certain items, you can also ask one of the experts directly ! :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.