How do you personalize your office space?

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  1. What personal items do you have around?

    I keep it to a minimum in my office (conservative field) but I do have the following:

    -a plant ("inherited" from a beloved coworker who left my firm)
    -a picture of me and my husband
    -baby pictures of my husband (it's a collage in one photo frame... I got it as a bridal shower gift and I find it hilarious. People who don't know me probably think it's my kid)
    -my own coaster and mouse pad (they look like tiny oriental rugs)
    -my computer wallpaper is a scene from Tahiti, where I went on my honeymoon.

    That's about it. And I always leave the blinds on my window ALLLL the way pulled up so I get lots of sunshine. That really makes a difference for me. :smile:

    What does your workspace look like?

  2. My work space is covered in papers usually! People just always are adding work to my desk and most of my wall space is even covered with work related things, unfortunately! I do have a few pictures and fun things, I try to bring fresh flowers in from the farmers markets in the spring-fall and I have a wall calendar. But that's it. Nothing too exciting. I want a plant but I'm afraid it'll die since my space doesn't get too much natural light.
  3. My office is filled with personal items. I have lots of pictures of DH and my family, my diploma and certifications on the wall, gifts and momentos from clients and coworkers in my bookshelves, etc.
  4. mine looks soo girly! i got pictures, but i'll post it later.

    i got:

    pictures of flowers (from the back of the calendar)
    pictures of flowers i took
    a calendar of flowers (brought and bought by my coworker from hawaii)
    pictures of me and my coworkers (halloween and christmas party)
    small decors i got from my managers throughout the year

    ..that's it!
  5. Pictures of my boyfriend and dog, a solar powered bobble head thing, some hello kitty magnets. That's about it. Every time I get extra annoyed at work I clear out my cube. I don't know why... but I still do it.
  6. I cannot see the floor in my cube I have so much crap in it. I will leave it at that. :p
  7. I have pictures of my nieces and nephews on one wall. I have a picture of my DH with my nieces and nephews as my wallpaper on my computer. I have a pillow that says "be nice or go away" in my guest chair, and that's it. I have a wonderful view from my office, so I leave the blind wide open too. I love the sunshine, and the view from my window is kind of like a picture in itself.
  8. - My blinds are all up so lots of sunlight
    - plants all over the windows, some on my desk
    - A candy bowl for people who come in
  9. It's hard now because after so many years of an office with a door (and lots of wall space for artwork, etc), I'm now at a new job in a cubicle. I joke I have a 'no door' policy, LOL.

    I have: an ivy topiary, pics of me and my BF plus my niece and nephew, a few industry-related books and some knick knacks (paperweights, etc). I don't have a lot of space so I try to keep it clean and not overly cluttered with my crap. I want to be known for ME and my WORK, not "OMG look at that girl's cube." I'm a contractor, so I'm only here for a few months anyways.
  10. When I used to work at an office, my favorite "decoration" was my pug.

    I would only take jobs that would let me bring my pug to work every day.
  11. At my office space I have:

    -pictures of my family & bf
    -a postcard I brought back from Paris (LOL to remind me that working pays for fun stuff like vacations!)
    -a Far Side calendar
    -a chocolate lovers calendar
    -a handbag calendar :heart:
    -an aloe plant
    -a comic strip that makes me laugh
    -a mug with a beagle on it
    -bubble magnets that I made myself
    -a squishy stress tomato because I love tomatoes!
    -a bowl that I made in high school ceramics. I keep my paperclips in it.
  12. I have 3 pictures, one of me, DH and Maya, one of me and Maya, and one of DH and Maya! lol She's the theme. Also i have a starbucks coffee mug. The end.
  13. I don't have a personal desk anymore :sad: - we've got NTW (non teritorial working) where we have to sit at a different desk each day. One good thing is that you get to sit next to and speak to different people every day and also you don't get some people hogging all the nice desks i.e by the window etc. However one drawback is that personal items have to be kept to a minimum as things have to be put and stored away at the end of the day. My current personal things include:

    - a desk diary with daily sayings by the Dalai Lama
    - a small desk diary with pretty scenes
    - a "Me to you" teddy holding the first letter of my name
    - a pen which is a pink flamingo (he just makes me laugh)
    - my pink leather pen holder
    - my pink mug with a saying by Gwyneth Paltrow "Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick."

    Before when I had my own desk I also had a small flower in a vase (fake flower ), a cactus and postcards/photos.
  14. My baby's big grinning face:yes: on my screensaver (actually flouts the office rules on standardisation) but pretend I DK and simply DC. DKDC ( don know don care!):p
  15. Right now my office is kind of boring...
    -I have a small plant
    -two pictures, one of my family and BF at my college graduation, and one of Riley and I (Riley is my pup)
    -and the calendar that my company produces every year
    ...and thats about it. Now that I think about it, I may add some more fun stuff.