How do you pay for your purses???!!

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  1. I just found this forum and I swear, I know that in my heaven, you will all be there...

    The more obsessed that I am with handbags, the more expensive my taste becomes! So tell me, how do you gather together the $$ for your handbags. I try to keep a stash (hidden from my husband, of course!) of gift cards, cash and such until I can save up at least half of the total cost. My husband pays the bills and would divorce me if he ever knew how much my handbags actually cost! So... I'm looking for other suggestions short of armed robbery! Give 'em to me...
  2. I play piano for events such as weddings and parties. They pay well, and I don't pay tax. :nuts: A few gigs can afford me an LV or whatever other high-end item I've had my eye on.

    Other than that, I subsist on loans because I'm in medical school. :amuse:
  3. I pay the bills here and he does know what they cost. But I make sure everything is taken care of before I splurge!
  4. I'm 18, so I'm still young I guess?...

    My first, an LV Ellipse PM, was a 16th birthday present. My Chanel I bought over the Summer in France. (Graduation present). So far, any handbags I bought have been bought on holiday. Seeing that my obsession was getting out of hand (I had asked for a Dior Saddle Bag fior Christmas, with me paying half/parents paying the other half), I was told I'd have to save handbags as vacation purchases. So, most of the money comes from birthdays & stuff.

    Except, I'm now eyeing the Chanel Small Classic Flap Bag in White Caviar... but I have to wait till April. It never ends...
  5. I have 1 charge card devoted strictly for my a off charge another and so pays to Discover...
  6. I work 6 days a week 9am-5pm, the weekend job pay goes into my 'bag' account! :biggrin: BUT if all else fails, whack that VISA out and it will get paid off with the next pay check :biggrin:
  7. I have one credit card that I call my "expense account". I pay the bills in my household and am also the primary bread-winner; therefore, when I want to shop on "me" non-essentials I use the designated card and then decide how quickly to pay those charges down. Sometimes they are paid off before interest touches it - and sometimes they are not.
  8. WHY did I quit playing piano!?! If I'd only thought about that...
  9. My LV bags were gifts. I purchased my Andrea Brueckner myself, and it is my most expensive personal purchase. I am still trying to pay it off, while also saving for another LV (either the Mandarin Epi or Damier Speedy). I, too, keep a stash. If I have the money in my bank account, then I'll spend it. It's going to take me a long, long time to save up for my next bag, but I do have a birthday coming up! Who knows? It takes me a lot of hours at my part time job to save up anything significant.
  10. I work and don't own a car. My monthly expenses are rent, electricity, cellphone and basic cable/internet. I don't eat out much cause I don't drive so everything else goes to my bank account, which in turn is used on purses among my other expensive hobby (making soap and bath & body products). I have to watch though as it's easy to just go buy another bag impulsively.
  11. I have the good fortune of having a hubby that buys them for me without me ever having to ask. If he sees me looking at something he'll just take it to the counter and pay for it. Sometimes I have to stop him and insist that I really am not in love with it .. I was just looking! If I'm alone and see something I really love I'll buy it too! My husband loves shopping so we're usually together!
  12. Holy cow - where did you find that hubby? He's a keeper.
  13. No kidding! Where did you find one of these rare specimens? The bf complains about my bag obsession :suspiciou
  14. He's from a different generation, literally. I'm going to be 43 in February and he'll be 65 in March. (He is the same age as my mother and my father is only two years older than Although there is a twenty-two year difference between us for the last 14 years he's been my best friend. We travel together, we have worked together, we shop together, we ride motorcycles together, we ski together ...blah, blah, blah.....
  15. Wow! I usually have to beg my Worked only once -- he got me an LV Koala wallet. :smile: