How do you pay for your procedures?

Oct 3, 2020
Hi everyone,

I have been interested in getting alarplasty/rhinoplasty for my bulbous nose/flat bridge and wide nostrils for a while. I also have double eye lids that disappear towards the inner corners. Additionally, my jaw is so square that it makes me look aggressive. I am quite sure on going to Korea for the nose and eyes, but I am still hesitating on if I actually want to chisel my jaw for concerns of sagging/nerve damage (which will probably have to be done on another trip to Korea).

With everything going on, including the 2 week quarantine in Korea (which can cost 1-2k USD), I have seen posts where people are still going (and flight tickets from where I live to ICN airport is about 1k USD). If I go to Korea and pay for the quarantine, eyes/nose, ticket and accommodations, I will probably be spending 6-7k USD. At least.

I will be graduating soon in December from university, and I do not have a job (although I do have a credit card), and am actively looking for jobs in the tech field. Mind you that it is extremely difficult to find a job these days (thanks COVID), even for fast food. I’ve been job searching for months. Starting salary for my major is 55-50k USD if I can get hired.

My face makes me feel so sad everyday. It really affects the way I feel about myself and those around me. I want to reward myself for finishing undergraduate school but I don’t know if I should take the leap and put everything onto my credit card.

The pros to getting everything done now/ASAP:
- I can recover before getting a job, whether it is an in-person or remote job.
- I can feel more confident with myself and reward myself for finishing school.
- I won’t have to waste vacation days if I decide to do it after getting a job.
- With everyone inside now, I can recover comfortably at home.

The cons of getting everything done now:
- There is a chance I might not get a job soon. There would be no way to pay back interest.
-My only means of affording anything right now (regardless if its surgery or not) is with a credit card, even food. It is not the best option.
- The financial burden without a job could give me a lot of anxiety.

I know some people have all the finances to do these procedures, and some don’t. How have you guys been financing the procedures/relevant necessities (ticket, quarantine, accommodation, etc.)?

I’m just sick of looking at my face everyday and needed to ask someone for an opinion before doing something I might regret.
Thank you for reading.


Oct 3, 2020
I think the fact you are wondering if you may regret this no matter what the outcome, you're holding a lot of emphasis on your face tied to your self-worth, and you do not have the finances for this, this is not the time for you to get it. I do not mean any of this in an offense way, but it's really important to recognize that you will not look exactly the way you imagine, things may go wrong, and you may have to get revision. Also, if you put so much weight onto your appearance and your happiness, it becomes very dangerous if something does go wrong - often times plastic surgery will not fix your insecurities because that is based on your mindset, and can even introduce new insecurities. Also NEVER use a credit card to finance something you cannot afford, especially without a job offer at hand.

I know this is probably not the "secret" financial way you want to hear, but I waited a long time before I saved enough money from working to afford surgery in addition to covering revision if need be. I also got into trading options and making small investments using Robinhood to make just a few extra K. I'm not saying you have to wait that long, but waiting a year or a few years to make a really good choice (both financial, figuring out what your style is, and choosing a surgeon) is not worth living with an impulsive mistake and trying to climb yourself out of the hole. I also prioritized my career, and making a retirement account so this is also why it took me longer. You can probably get to your goal within a year of working, and that's really not that long. I'm not sure what other people are doing, but it doesn't matter what they're doing because you want to make a smart, safe, and responsible choice for your future. You don't want 5-10K debt from surgery that you cannot pay off, then a 25% APR on your credit card that will spiral you into this constant cycle of losing more money just to high interest in addition to possibly ruining your credit score (then you can't take out future loans, you can't get a car, you can't get a house, etc).

I know job hunting now is especially frustrating, but keep your chin-up! A job in the tech field will pay handsomely, and you will certainly be able to build a financial cushion, but that should be your priority. It may not feel like it now, but you have so much more value than physical appearance, and please don't be sad because of your face. You are almost graduating - that's amazing to be a college graduate which is something that not even 90% of the people in this world has achieved!
Oct 3, 2020
Thank you so much for your response. I completely understand what you are saying! I believe I have a lot of self doubt and issues with being confident, and you are spot on with the impulsiveness. You are not offensive at all, I am so grateful for your advice. It has grounded me and I do think the best option is to wait. Your last paragraph really touched my heart! Thank you for taking the time to respond.