how do you pay for your bags?

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how do you pay for your bags?

  1. credit card & paif full monthly

  2. credit card & paid minimum monthly

  3. cash/debit card

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  1. i was just wondering, do you pay by credit cards and paid full amount monthly? or credit card and paid minimum payment monthly? or by cash?
  2. I always pay by credit card and when the statement comes in, I paid the full amount. I don't want the bank to earn any of my hard earned money! lol!
  3. yeah agree with you poutine... those cc's charge are CRAZY!
  4. I either use cash or debitcards or when shopping online I use prepaid credit cards. I don't like spending money I don't "have" in my hands.
  5. cash or credit card. but i ALWAYS pay back in full i just can not stand to be in dept .
  6. Debit or Credit card paid in full at the end of the billing cycle.
  7. Credit card, paid back in full every month. I get 1% cash back, too, so that's about $5 a month extra in my pocket, more if I really get on a spending kick.
  8. I don't have a credit card :upsidedown: so when I shop I pay cash or w/ my debit card.
  9. I made a deal w/ myself that all splurges are w/ cash. LOL Things like flights and trips are w/ a credit card which is paid in full every month.
  10. I use my cash & my credit/debit card so it's taken automatically from my bank. I feel if I don't have enough in the bank for the bag I want then I really shouldn't get it.
  11. I totally agree!
    The good thing with credit back is that if I buy sth let's say 5th July I have to pay it the end of next month i.e. around 20th of August so I save half the money from July's salary and half from August's:P .
  12. I purposely keep a very low limit on my credit card for my own discipline. When I consider a big bag splurge I confirm how long it takes me to pay it off + interest and if it's worth it. I pay cash a lot more for things now than I used to!
  13. I pay with cash or credit card but paid in FULL as I don't like debts. I only use my credit card because I get airline miles!
  14. Me too - I love the miles! (Last year I went to Buenos Aires on a free ticket!) I also love the purchase protection. I.e. with Amex if its lost/damaged/stolen within a certain amount of time they replace it.
  15. I don't have a credit card so I pay with either cash or check.
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