How Do You Pay By Bank Wire Transfer ???

Mar 28, 2006
With Armand
^^^ congrats on your bag...its gorgeous!

side note, as a seller what do i need to give the buyer to complete a bank wire? shes international and im in the USA....what info does she need to wire me money?

Sorry ladies, I mean't to write The BUYER requires the SELLERS bank code/swift code, name, address, tel, full bank details etc .... not the other way around.

You will need to give your buyer an
  • IBAN/SWIFT CODE (ask your bank, they will let you know the reference code).
  • Name and full address of your bank
  • Sort code (if you are in the UK)
  • Account Nbr
  • Your account name
  • Amount to transfer (worth stating that you require XXX in cleared funds - you need to decide whether you are going to pay your buyers bank fees and your own bank fees, split the fees, or the buyer pays all the fees, guess it depends on what deal you have done)
Hope this helps, sorry for my error on my earlier post, I really shouldn't be allowed out!