How Do You Pay By Bank Wire Transfer ???

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  1. I just called Wachovia today and they told me that the fee for a wire transfer would be $20 to send one and $0 to receive one.
  2. Is yours a domestic bank wire transfer or an international one? The fees for bank transfers vary from bank to bank, by the way. Do check with your bank directly for its fees computation.
  3. Great price for this bag! It looks great too.
    Just be very very careful with international wires. If something goes wrong, you don't have a recourse for a money back. Just a caution.
  4. I am in USA she is in Hong Kong ... really love the bag and the price :P ... but would really prefer to use Paypal for ebay, so... think I might pass.

  5. Queenvictoria, pretty_mia is one of the most reputable Hermes resellers on eBay. She's prompt, reliable, and very kind. And she has an incredible Hermes collection to boot. You should have no trouble with her if you decide to purchase. Your bank has a specific fee for processing the wire and from my experience, sellers always require the buyer to take care of this fee himself. Like mrssparkles said, fees vary from bank to bank and international wires are more expensive than domestic. They usually take a little longer, too.
  6. It's all been said so I have little to add, but, of course your bank can tell you what the fee is. You will of course need the seller's bank account/bank and something called a swift code (at least this was the case the last time I did this). Great looking bag!!
    P.S. Many eBay sellers will only accept wire transfer and will not take PayPal for things in this range...
  7. Yeah, just call the bank and ask what their fee is for an international wire transfer. Every bank will have diff rates. You don't have to be a customer of the bank to do a wire tranfer ie. you don't need to be an account holder of that particular bank. You can just rock up at any bank, shove cold hard cash at them (or your CC from a diff issueing bank) and they will be able to do the wire transfer.

    It is usually the case too that the seller's bank will charge the seller a fee to access the funds so it's good to ask her how much that would be in advance. That way, you won't get a surprise when you get her invoice for the grand total.
  8. One question: This bag is blindstamped "B", which means it is from 1998, which means that it is almost 10 years old. Is the price offered a good price for this bag?
  9. I don't think so! 10 years ago, she paid less for the brand new one than what she is asking now! Do you rememeber someone said that a 35cm(or 40cm)Birkin in 'sex and the city' was about $4000? I don't know how old that episode is...
  10. Phew. You're right. I didn't think of that.
  11. Yeah, for bags in thousands of dollars, "the fees would eat you alive" - quote and unquote shopmom.
  12. Actually I think the price that she is asking for is not that bad at all in comparison to some other resellers on Ebay.... From what I see, they usually ask for a higher price with 2nd hand Birkins that the condition is not even half as good :wondering JMHO!

    BTW, I don't think I have ever seen an authentic Birkin (brand new or 2nd hand) being offered under retail on Ebay.... :shrugs:
  13. Firstly I should say, that I am the delighted new owner of this stunning rare AUTHENTIC HERMES Birkin - I just couldn't resist it for my personal collection and at that price, it was a bargain!!!

    Ladies, as HermesAddiction so correctly pointed out, it is super rare to find an AUTHENTIC Hermes Birkin under current retail, regardless of year of manufacture. I have personally sold several pre-owned Birkins to delighted customers for considerably more than this amazing seller was selling this wonderful Birkin. Obviously as a reputable and seasoned buyer, seller and collector of authentic Hermes Birkins, I have some experience of what is a bargain and what it expensive and this particular Birkin was a bargain.

    This leather is discontinued and highly sought after by collectors and Hermes resellers themselves, the condition is superb and the seller as 24 Faubourg pointed out is one of the best sellers on eBay. All her items are 100 pct authentic and usually from her personal collection where she takes the most amazing care of her items.

    The Episode of Sex in the City you refer to is pm Disc 4, Episode 11 and called *Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda* in which Samantha visits Hermes in her desperate attempt to purchase a Birkin and where the sales person laughingly claims a 40cm Birkin cost USD 4,000 ..... I remember watching this episode and screaming HOW MUCH ???? I have never known a Birkin to cost USD 4,000 and only wish they did LOL - clearly the programme makers had not researched Hermes properly. The prices of Birkins, Kellys and other Hermes bags are well documented in other areas of this forum.

    This lovely seller I notice now has the prettiest chocolate Togo Birkin for sale, again at a superb price. Someone starting out on their Hermes experience who does not have either the access to purchase directly from store or funds to pay the higher eBay prices could not find a better buy in my opinion.

    As pointed out by several members here, wire transfer is usually the only method most resellers of high end items will accept, this is due to the high volume of attempted fraudelent chargebacks by dishonest buyers .... as a seller, getting stung on a USD 5.00 item is one thing, on a 10K item, its another! I have personally had one buyer in the past who seemed the nicest lady on eBay, confirmed by email that she was delighted with the handbag she had purchased and had then received, left glowing feedback and then turned around and told PayPal she had never received the item - despite abiding precisely by eBay rules and sending to this ladies confirmed address, having proof of postage and receipt, PayPal still froze my account for 6/7 weeks, gave me a negative balance and I ended up with 2 neg feedbacks from buyers who had purchased from me during this nonsense and could no longer pay via PayPal. At some stage or another, most resellers have had to learn the hardway that we cannot trust every buyer, nor PayPal.

    Wire transfer fees are usually very reasonable and your bank will give you a better exchange rate than your credit card ever will - of course, you are not able to put your purchase on a credit agreement though. The SELLER requires the buyers bank code/swift code, name, address, tel, full bank details etc .... not the other way around.

    Hope all this helps
  14. ^^^ congrats on your bag...its gorgeous!

    side note, as a seller what do i need to give the buyer to complete a bank wire? shes international and im in the USA....what info does she need to wire me money?