How do you pass the time when your ill?

  1. I’ve been laid up for the past couple of weeks and being board I was wondering what do you all do to pass the time when you sick beside sleep? I love to read and have just discovered Laurie Notaro. I started with “We Thought You Would Be Prettier: True Tales of the Dorkiest Girl Alive” and now have all of her books she is hilarious, even with a sore throat and a stuffy head she made me laugh. Lucky I won a $100.00 gift certificate at Amazon and got all my books with that. I also have a sickness uniform an old cashmere sweater, flannel pj bottoms and a old Gap tank top that should have seen the inside of a dumpster lone ago. When ever my family sees me in this get up they leave me alone. LOL
  2. i basically sleep and try and read, but it really just doesn't work... when im sick im such a drama queen! hahahha :shame:
  3. Aww...feel better soon! When I'm sick I like to read, sleep, and watch silly tv shows.
  4. Whenever i'm sick i like to watch old movies, read, and just sleep or lay around on the couch
  5. Lots of Judge Judy!
  6. I read, sleep, and watch movies! Hope that you feel better!
  7. For the past three weeks, either me or my 3 1/2 year old son have been sick. He just got a diagnosis of pneumonia this morning, and I wouldn't be surprised if I have it too.

    We spent the morning playing with trains, and the afternoon addressing Valentine cards. But whenever he's willing to watch tv for a few minutes, I hit the internet for news, email, and catching up with friends.

    I'd love to read more, but I rarely get uninterrupted time.
  8. tons of reading, tv shows on dvds (from season 1 to end), surfing online
  9. Read until I fall asleep...then sleep as long as possible!
  10. Sleeping, reading, catching up on my TV shows (thank God for TiVo!!!), come to this forum, etc.
    I hope you feel better soon!!!((((((HUGS))))))
  11. my mom used to bring me fashion magazines and kit kat bars when i was sick...its now a tradition (that i carry on myself).
  12. Tell me about it, I've been passing time too :sad: I play video games, catch up with schoolwork, watch tv, buy dvds, and sometimes walk around the mall. Of course shop for bags online too :biggrin:
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