How do you pamper your feet?

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  1. My heels are rough and dry and have a lot of built up dead skin and... ickickick.

    How do you pamper and take care of your feet?
  2. Scrub with a pumice EVERY DAY while showering, then slather with a good thick cream- i recommend kiehl's
  3. I get a pedicure once a month. My feet only seem to become dry and crack between my toes.
  4. i do this and it works great, your feet will be super soft and say bye to any future callouses.
  5. I also use a foot file every other day or so (in addition to the pumice). I like Body Shop Peppermint Foot Cream. I'm a dancer and this has arnice extract in it so its supper-mosturizing, but also soothing for tired feet.