How do you package the handbag to make buyers happy?

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  1. Hi guys,

    Can you guys share me some tips on how to package the handbag to make buyer happy? The way I have been always packing is wrapping tissue paper around the handles and hardware to protect them . Then put it in its own dust bag (if it comes with it) or wrap it in tissue paper again. Then clear plastic bag and the invoice.

    Am I doing the right thing?
    What are extra touches I should add to make it "special" :biggrin:?

  2. It sounds like you're packing the bags great! I also add a little thank you note in each package, I tape it on top of the wrapped bag right before putting it in the box.
  3. I do similar, but I also stuff the bags and add a layer of bubble wrap between the tissue and the plastic bag to try and maintain the shape as best as possible.
  4. I wrap the entire bag in tissue paper and then wrap and tie some curly ribbon around it. I then put a sealed thank you card in the ribbon. Kind of makes them feel like they just got a present. =-)
  5. it varies for me, if it's someone i know from here or something then i'll make extra effort, i sent one buyer an eyeshadow once, if it's a buyer i don't know then just the bag in it's dustbag and some tissue around it to make sure it's secure in it's box.
  6. Sounds about what I do. I do make sure to stuff well with tissue paper under, around and on top of the bag.
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    Hi guys, thank you so much for all your input

    I put a little thank you note in each package as well. :smile:

    denimbarks: I always stuff my bag. But wrap around the bag with bubble wrap, I have never done that though. Hmm...let me think about it though. Thank you very much for another idea.

    aimee0474: I do not use ribbon. Just wrap the bag with silver flower seal. Are your buyers pleased when you do that? I might try that. I have couples handbags needed to be sent off today. I am going to run into store for some nice ribbons then.

    ladyisobel: whoow, an eyeshadow...Your buyers must be very surprised and happy with such a nice little gift. May I ask how much of the bag you are usually selling? And the eye-shadow, it should cost at least $5-7 dollars, am I right? I was thinking about the gift too, but I am looking for something that costs me just $1-2 :P

    Bags4Me2: I always make sure to stuff my bags well enough with paper too. I do put enough air bag on top but never around the corner of the carton box. Do I need to do that, too?
  8. If you do add a layer of bubble wrap, put the bubbles facing out. No need for a soft leather bag to show up with bubble dents all over it. :smile: It might be over-kill, but I add it because I don't want edges or projections on the bag to get rubbed if it happens to shift in the box.
  9. denimbarks: Thank you very much for pointing me out the bubble should be faced outward. Good observation! :smile: Now, I am going to run into store for ribbon AND bubble wrap!
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    Wrap the whole bag in tissue before you add the bubble wrap as, otherwise, the leather may adhere to the plastic! :sweatdrop:

    Also, pack in a sturdy box, not just a bag, as otherwise the bag may well be crushed/deformed in the mail.

    What I do, is line the inside of the box with bubble wrap and then with tissue (rather than wrapping the bag in either), making sure I leave an overlap of both, on one side, to form a sort of flap, which I then fold over the top of the bag before adding the delivery note and closing the box.

    It's pretty hard to describe! :lol:
  11. I have another question....

    I know that I will always wrap hardware with tissue to prevent them from scratching? And with many layers of protection like bubble wrap, tissue paper or dust bag (if it comes with it) and plastic bag....Can I skip wrapping the handles? OR I should do it anyway? ;)

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    ^ I think it depends on the type of leather/finish and also, how much spare room there is left in the box, once you've lined it.

    If there's lots of room left (BTW, the box should be a bit bigger than the bag, to avoid permanently creasing it and also, just in case the box is punctured), the bag will move around in the box and that may cause the colour to be rubbed off; especially in the case of unfinished leather.

    BTW, I don't think you also need the plastic bag, if you're packing it in a lined box. :nogood:

    Plastic is the enemy of leather, as it stops it 'breathing' (and as I say, may adhere to it). :biggrin:
  13. I actually am not picky about getting something in tissue paper with bubble wrap, thank you cards, etc. The main things for me, as a buyer are:
    1. The right method of shipping, as stated in the listing, shipped promptly
    2. Insurance if I paid for it
    3. Proper size box
    4. Bag properly stuffed
    5. Bag placed in a plastic bag
    6. Box properly taped
  14. Awww, you all do such a beautiful job wrapping! In all the bags I've bought off Ebay I've never had one wrapped up pretty like that. What a nice touch. :smile:

  15. I have only received one package so far but it was 2 Chanel bags and the seller put brand new tissue paper in the bag, wrapped the chains and wrapped the bag too. She sealed it with a cute sticker which was then put into its dustbag. She separated the bags by using bubble wrap and more tissue paper.

    It arrived in excellent condition and I was suitably impressed.

    I would have liked a thank you card but hey-ho. I was just happy it got to me safely.

    ^^^interesting to know that plastic is the enemy of leather - I'll keep that in mind