How do you pack you Chanels?

  1. HI, how do you pack your Chanels when you buy them from overseas?

    Do the SAs package your bags in dustbags and Chanel boxes then in Chanel paperbags?

    Do you pack your bags into your luggage to be checked in? Or do you pack them in your handcarry luggage? Or do you just carry in hand wrapped in Chanel box and carrier?

    Anything to look out for when packing the bags? Am going to buy at least 2 flaps (one timeless classic in black caviar and one reissue on my coming trip next week).

    Tks in advance ;) Appreciate it that you gals could help me. :confused1:
  2. Normally they would go in dustbags, then into the box and the paper bag will have a Chanel ribbon on it.
    I wouldn't check in the bag in case your luggage goes missing. Imagine the trauma...
    If you want to avoid tax, carry it as your handbag. Are you returning back by T1 or T2? If its T1, they do tend to scan everyone's luggage now. So you may get checked. Some people go to the extent of mailing the box back by regular mail so it doesn't seem as if you just bought it. But those are for countries/cities with higher taxes.

    I would hand carry the bags back myself and if you don't feel comfortable, then just declare it and pay off the tax.