How do you pack a purse?

  1. I've read on the eBay forum that many women are upset because they recive their purses in their dustbags in a cardboardbox only.

    So how do you pack your purse before sending it to it's new owner properly then? I recived mine in their dustbags, the box and sometimes the purse has been lined in som textil or newspaper, but not often.

    Do you ladies get upset f it dosen't have any other protection than the dustbag and then box?
  2. I always put in tons of tissue to keep the purse from knocking around, I buy the tissue at the dollar store, I like to receive my bags nicely boxed so I do the same when I sell them .
  3. Choose a clean, new box (hopefully you have charged Priority, or let's use that for an example, so the box is free); choose a box that is bigger than the bag, so you don't have to mash it in; pack the bag in its duster, then pack that in a clean cello bag (like birthday bags, cheap at places like Dollar Store); spend a dollar on some ribbon so you tie a bow; use peanuts, or tissue, or anything CLEAN (not newspaper) to put in the box-the object is that when you shake the box nothing wiggles-use USPS address labels, cut off top if you aren't sending Priority-PRINT THE ADDRESS AND YOUR RETURN ADDRESS-cover address w/clear tape, in case box gets wet. The cello bag is also protection for the bag if (and this happens) the box gets wet. When you receive something packed well, it puts you in a much better frame of mind when you examine your purchase...never let it look like you just grabbed the item, stuffed it in something and sent it off-works like a charm!
  4. I always ship in Priority boxes with insurance and delivery confirmation. I put the purse in it's dustbag(if I still have it), then wrap it in tissue paper, then bubble wrap- with a packing slip/note. I then place it in a large plastic shopping bag. I put peanuts in the priority box- then the wrapped purse then more peanuts to protect it. I want to make sure the purse is well protected and looks nicely wrapped.
    I once bought a purse that was just put in a large envelope and shipped first class-:yucky: I was not happy to receive it that way after paying 20.00 for Priority shipping.
  5. In addition to many of the things suggested I stuff the inside with tissue so that it keeps its shape. I also tape all the openings in case the box comes into contact with water or rain. Then the water won't get in without viable water damage to the box.
  6. I put the purse in it's dust bag then wrap the whole thing with brown packaging paper. It is thick and keeps the purse from being damaged. I always use a priority box and put newspaper in the box so the package doesn't move around. So far I have had only compliments.
  7. That's good to know. I only got peanuts once..and it wasn't even anything fragile, but that made me happy that the seller took the time to wrap it nicely.

    Hrm, no I think I will have to buy boxes. But still. Where can you buy the bubble wrap? I like that. And I got a dollar store near so I will prob give it a peak. :yes:
  8. I usually put the bag in the dustbag, then in a plastic bag, then in the box. If there is alot of wiggle room, I add some airbags to it.
  9. I sell my LV to Sin buyers and I always pack with original dust bag, harx box and wrap box twice with papers. I also put nuts inside the bag. May will cost me extra but receiver will glad to recieve their item in good packaging and still in good shape~not folded by the other packages in shipment.
  10. I also pack the bag in it's dust bag (or a new inexpensive pillow case if I don't have the dust bag) and then put both into a plastic bag - I've used shopping bags and occasionally the liners to put in trash cans. They're nice and large and easy to wrap around the bag. I always put in peanuts or those packing bubbles or something to keep it from moving around in the box. Also tape all the edges of the box, too.

    One time, I bought two purses from the same seller on eBay. Both were brand new and the cost for both was about $800 with shipping... I was so upset when the box arrived! She had used a box that had originally held some sort of cleanser that looked like it was dug out of a bin at a grocery store. Then, both bags were just thrown into the box! :push: By pure luck, the bags were not damaged.

    When I told her I was rather unhappy that they were shipped that way, she claimed her 11-year-old son was the one who had packed my box. Yeah, right. :rolleyes:
  11. I put bag in dust bag, then wrap in bubble wrap, strudy box from Post Office, and fill in with tissue if there are any loose areas.
  12. non-sense and so silly reason :push:
  13. first choose a nice clean sturdy box which the item will fit into snugly with not a lot of moving around. i then line it with bubble wrap. my item is then put in her dustbag if available, and wraped in bubble wrap and then a lovley tissue paper. i then put this into the box and put more tissue on top, i then add a litttle thank you card. I have shipped hundreds of items all over the world and ever one has arrived perfectly as it should
  14. By the way, I do recycle my boxes but I use clean ones that I get at work. Office Depot boxes are the best. I also use boxes I get from the Library or the Computing Dept.

    I also pick up any airbags I can find and peanuts (did I tell you I HATE peanuts - but I recycle them...)
  15. I always pack my bags great to ship, but I always put it in a white hefty kitchn garbage bag also. I had shipped a bag to the UK 2 years ago and the seller said the package was left in the pouring rain all day, but the bag was completely dry because I put it in the garbage bag. I was so happy to hear that!