How do you organize your makeup, brushes, etc?

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  1. Are there any good stores that offer organizing products? I have a lot of makeup and brushes that need organizing and I'm running out of flat surface space! lol If you have any tips please do post them!!!! :smile:
  2. I use the below for storing my MAC eyeshadows. You can fit exactly 4 across and 3 in depth. You can also get 4 MAC blushers in 1 drawer. They also do a 5 drawer version. There are other acrylic holders that could be used for other make up too.
  3. I use a train case and a brush roll.
  4. I don't. Bad girl!! I just throw everything in my Caboodles makeup box, and my basics in my makeup pouch. I so need to get an organizer!
  5. You should considered getting a 3 drawer sterilite box. I have a whole bunch of these that I use in my closet. The smaller sized ones are perfect for makeup. You could have one compartment for eye makeup, next one for lips+cheeks, and the last one for brushes and tools. You can get them cheap at Walmart or Target. Also, it's easy to just pull out the drawer and wipe it when it gets dirty since it's plastic.

  6. I use storage containers and cases. My makeup that I use daily is in a case like this one. I have my brushes in a tube thing. I couldn't find a pic of the exact one, but it's pink leather and I got it at Sephora. The train case is from Sephora too.
  7. Do you mean for use at home? I just put them upright in a cute cup/container for easy access.
  8. I keep everything in a train case like the one claireZk posted above. It keeps everything organized and out of the way, plus it's easy to move around if needed.
  9. Same here. I found a really cool red leather train case at an antiques store a couple of years ago, and it fits my makeup perfectly. Then, I just use an inexpensive brush roll (Japonesque purchased at Ulta) to store all my makeup brushes in one place.
  10. I have a train case (and there's a section for brushes) and some Clinique pouches that were gifts with purchase.
  11. For my makeup I use this case from Sephora. It's fabulous!


    I just bought this brush roll from MAC last week for my brushes. I love it! It makes the brushes so accessible and keeps them nice.

  12. I have something almost EXACTLY like that! I love the fact that you can see through it clearly. I use it for my eyeshadow(I color coordinate it:shame:smile:. I have a caboodle for all of my other make-up, which I dont have much of-it all fits in the caboodle, and has its own space. I have a square clear container that some Q-Tips came in one time(lol) I took the lid off and now its the home for all of my brushes(I stand them up on end so that the brush part is on top) I can easily see which brush I need.
  13. Thank you ladies!!!! All great suggestions! My bathroom vanity was starting to look quite chaotic but not for long!!!!!!!!!
  14. I store my brushes..handle side down in some adorable flower pots. They are cheap and the brushes do not get all messed up. Also you can buy the regular terra cotta ones, or the metal ones. Mine are a type of metal with an antique look to it with ivy embossed around them. Real cute. As for makeup..Traincases under the cabinets and drawers. and I bought a junk drawer organizer at walmart super cheap that has all the little compartments and it slides out. These compartments hold my lippies, shadows eyeliners..everything.