How do you organize your Hermes scarves?

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  1. Just wondering how the multiple scarf owners organize their scarves. Do you keep them in their orange boxes? To you label the box so you know what is inside? Do you have a handy system you could share? :shrugs:
  2. Boxes are good, but if you need constant access another idea is to fold them in half once more and stack them in an opened shoe box in your dresser
  3. I put mine folded the way they come from the boutique in a designated drawer in my armoire. I've lined the drawer in tissue and have a lavender sachet tucked inside.....
  4. I keep one scarf that I know I'll NEVER use in its box, but the rest, along with those by other brands, go in a large rectangular Hermes box I got with one of my shawls. The empty boxes are in cheapo pillow cases in the back of my closet.
  5. I know that Mai Tai has an incredible picture of how she stores her scarves! Let me see if I can find it....
  6. ok sorry:shame: I can't find the picture...but hopefully she will post a picture!
  7. I stack them up in relatively stiff archival quality plastic envelopes - then I can rifle through them to decide which one to wear,
  8. Yes I was thinking about dressage queen's scarf storage but I couldn't remember that it was her who posted it up! Good stuff Rose on finding her thread :tup:

    Her storage solution is AMAZING!!!!
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