How do you organize your bags in your closet?

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  1. I am moving in with my boyfriend next week and at my old condo I had a huge walk in closet the size of a small kitchen. I had all my bags and clutches lined up when I first walked in on the left side. Now I have a mini walk in closet where I have to fit all my clothes plus all my shoes plus all my handbags!! I need help with organization ideas!! Can you ladies please posts ideas/suggestions/pics? I will post pics of my before and after closets as soon as I get home from work. PLEASE HELP I AM LITTLE SCARED!! He has offered to give me some of his closet space so I have a little more to work with but I am still panicking a little. Theses are a few of my bags so you can see how much shape and size differentiate like i said I will load more pics in a few hrs.

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  2. Hi! We actually have a fabulous and MASSIVE thread about storing bags already:yes:
    Please do a search.:tender:

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