How do you organize your bag?

  1. I've been looking for ways to organize my bag and have come across a LOT of options and was wondering what you all use? Right now I'm torn between a Purseket and a Chameleon.
  2. i really should get a purseket. i end up fiddling around in my mj large bowler at night trying to find my house keys; it gets so frustrating!
  3. Me too! My large MP is like a black hole.... things go in but I can never seem to find them when I need them. :p
  4. that is so true melly. hah. sometimes i get so frustrated that i have to stop myself and take a deep breath and start searching again. i can probably fit the medium purseket in the bowler, don't you think? the cheetah print is too cute! :biggrin:
  5. Wow! I never even knew things like this existed! Where have I been? :confused1:
  6. I agree, the medium does seem like the correct size and the panther print is adorable!! :love: Do you know if the Container Store or some other brick and mortar shop carries them? I would really like to check them out in person before purchasing one.
  7. I never knew these things exsisted either! They look so useful! I went ahead and ordered a chameleon, because some of the girls on the handbag forum were just raving about them and they seem like they can hold more than a purseket, but I'll proably end up trying both. I do love that animal print the purseket has!
  8. when you get your chameleon, i'd like to see pictures of it in use :smile:
  9. im not too sure melly, ive never seen them IRL either.
  10. hehe, thank you :smile: i'm here to help :love:
  11. I really need one of those. I just stuff my junk into every little pocket I can find in my purses.
  12. I have a purseket and I find that I hardly use mine. I don't like it for bags that aren't already structured because it distorts the shape. I organize my purse with smaller bags: a small cosmetic case for items such as my powder, pens, tissue packet, and a small little coin purse for my keys and small items.
  13. I had no clue about these things. I will order one right now. I am torn about colors so I am likely to get a copuple. It is great as you don't have to spend a lot of time changing things from one purse to the other. Thanks for the tip!!