How do you organise your wallet?

  1. my wallet is exploding with credit cards, store cards, loyalty cards blah blah blah..... as i am thinking of getting a new wallet soon... i am wondering how you guys organise your wallet..

    Do you bring ALL you cards that you potentially would use or just bring the bare essentials depending on where you are going?

    I like to bring ALL my cards! and am wondering if it would be better for me to get a big wallet like a french purse or get two separate smaller purses: one for essential cards, coins/notes and a separate card holder for all the not so frequently used cards...

    would be interesting to know how you organise it! cheers!
  2. in my wallet i only keep the important stuff...license, work id, credit & debit cards and a picture of my daughter.

    i have a LV pocket organizer that i keep my loyalty cards and important business cards in, and these are the ones that i use/access frequently. for all the other cards, i punch a hole in them and ring clip them all together and leave them in the in case we go to the mall i'll grab and throw it in my bag if we should stop at a store we don't usually go to.
  3. I have a few wallets, a long checkbook wallet, a medium sized one and a small one. Lately I've been carrying the medium sized one because it's lighter.

    I bought a Coach mini skinny and I carry all of my customer loyalty/discount cards in there in my purse. It's the perfect size to hold them all. I don't carry all of those cards in my wallet because I don't use the majority of those cards on a daily or weekly basis.

    Doing that allows me to not carry my huge wallet, but to also have access to the cards if I need. It's a huge space saver.
  4. I do the ring clip thing with store loyalty cards, too. People love the idea and almost always comment on it when I whip it out at checkout counters.
  5. Hmmm, some good ideas for what I'm going through too!
    Good thread, keep those ideas coming!
  6. I just minimize what I really need. I only keep MUST HAVES: Drivers license, ins. cards (auto and medical) ATM and 1 CC for emergencies. And of course a pic. of the kids, my bills and change. Just keep the rest of your items in a safe place at home.
  7. I carry my 2 credit cards, a debit card, and license.

    I use my LV planner to hold other important stuff like my insurance cards, business cards, loyalty/discount cards, etc.
  8. I'm horrible at organizing my wallet =/ Luckily my current wallet has around 10-12 credit card slots.

    When you open my wallet, my debit/credit cards are on the left side and my giftcards are on the right side. the slots where my giftcards are a flap so when you flip it around, i have a lot of open slots with nothing in it =)

    BUT receipts are EVERYWHERE in my wallet! it's an insane mess and I'm lucky that I'm able to find important receipts.

    I'm jotting notes as I read this thread
  9. I only carry my ID, health insurance card, CC and some giftcards.
  10. I don't think that I could ever use a small wallet...i'm the type of person that likes to carry ALL my stuff with me at all times...i feel naked without them. Currently, I have the coach slim envelope wallet and shamefully....sometimes, i can't even get it to close.......
  11. This is a brilliant idea! I'm always missing out on bargains b/c I don't want to jam my wallet w/ every single bonus, loyalty card, and store credit card that I own and leave them at home.

    My wallet is essentials -- two IDs for work, liscence, atm, two credit cards, a few store credit cards, and money.
  12. my wallet has all my cards! i've actually run out of card slots so i now have to put cards where i put my cash! if i pull out my cash too quickly sometimes my cards come flying out too.... i probably should just clean my wallet out - i'm sure i dont need that many cards!!! Just the CC will be ok!!!