how do you organise your continental purse?

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  1. Hi all, i was just hoping you could all give me some advice. i have a continental wallet which i love the look of but find it really difficult to use in practice. I thought it would be really practical which is why i purchased it. I put my notes in slot behind 6 credit card section but they annoy me as they stick up over the top and have tried them in the slot next to the zipper but they just dont feel safe when i have the purse open. Also i have tried coins in both zipped sections but when i use the centre zip the purse always seems to unpop in my bag and it bugs me. I have the style that has one popper though not two.
    So i would be interested to hear which sections all of you ladies use for notes and coins. maybe i can fall back in love with the purse then, or maybe i should just give up and get french purse :biggrin: but dont want to waste more money and have it sitting in cupboard. thanks in advance.
  2. I always keep my coins in a separate pouch no matter which purse I am using. I find this helps the purse keep it's shape & is also handy just to grab the pouch when paying for small items. :smile:
  3. What a good idea! ........ Except........ I'll be bloomin' well looking at M pouches now lol !!
  4. Sorry :idea: However I do have M pouches but the one I use the most is a plastic Catseye Pug pouch which only cost around £5.00. Just because I love the dog photo makes me smile every time I use it :doggie:
  5. I organise mine the same as you, and don't have any problems. I don't tend to carry much cash though, I usually use my card. So I might have one or two notes and a few coins in it. I keep the back pocket for small pieces of paper.
  6. Thanks daisyw, bagstar and gracie12. I think thats the problem i tend to use cash more than cards so purse is loaded with coins. I have tried to use seperate coin purse but i like to just put money in one purse for quickness at checkouts. I suppose i should use my cards more often and it would solve the problem.
    I was just interested to see where people put notes etc.
    Daisyw do u put your notes in the slip section behind credit cards?
  7. I put my notes behind the cards, coins go in the inside zip. I use the zip on the back for important receipts.
  8. Me too!
  9. I put notes in the section in front of the zipped coin section, if that makes sense... and some receipts in the one in front if that.

    I always forget that the zipped section on the back of the purse even exists! Oops
  10. Yes that makes sense. That's where I tried them as they aRe flush with top of purse so prefer them there but they feel unsafe when open the purse. Wish the slot behind cards was so they are flush as prefer the safeness of notes there but I always catch the notes with hands when unzip inner zip section. I think the purse is just maybe not right for me but I soooo wanna live it as love look of it.
  11. I don't have any issues with my purses....... I don't have any money left to put in them after buying! ;(