how do you order your birkin and what's the waiting time ?

  1. hi ladies,

    this is my first time here, I'm always hovering at the Chanel forum.

    I've always had an eye on the Black Croc Birkin (30cm?) and I wonder how much it actually costs and how do you go about ordering it. Do you really have to wait at least a year for it ? Will a deposit be required and how much ?

    Felt a bit embarassed to ask these questions at the boutique so I thought I ask you ladies first, all the expertise in buying a birkin must be here in this forum! ;)

    thanks in advance, cheers!
  2. Since you indicated you are from Singapore, you basically cannot order even a normal leather Birkin from the Singapore shops unless you buy from them regularly, and I suspect, not small trinkets here and there either. A 30 cm porosus crocodile Birkin costs around Euros 20,000 in Europe. It is about 20% more expensive in Singapore, if you are even offered one.

    Best option: try Japan. Japanese resellers have many crocodile Birkins. Downside: prices are even higher than Singapore; upside: instant gratification! If you are only interested in the Birkin and nothing else from Hermes, believe me that the premium you pay to resellers will more than offset the cost of buying other items regularly from your local shop, in the HOPE of getting offered a Birkin.
  3. .....*gasp*, sorry ladies, as you can probably tell, I am truly truly a Hermes virgin. whatever happened to customers always right ? :smile: That's really funny what you said there "in the hope of getting a birkin"..:nogood:

    20,000Euros, really ? What can i get for like 12000USD then ? a black croc birkin is like the ultimate holy grail for me and it never crossed my mind that I will actually buy it, ..however an opportunity has presented itself allowing me to do so. but then again, 20000 euros? and having to "kiss ar**" and be a regular patron, that's a bit stretching it for me.:wtf:

    anyone with contacts for good hermes eBay resellers, maybe, is an alternative ?
  4. A croc Kelly pochette is around the Euros 6-7K mark. Even 28 cm Kellys in croc would be about Euros 13-14K. Bear in mind the EU prices are the cheapest around, so buying from elsewhere would be higher than these.

    Leather Birkins are considerably cheaper, and would fall within USD 12K. If you are in Singapore, try going the reseller route (check out the recommended resellers on this forum). Note, though, that some resellers will declare the full value of the bags, so there is still GST to factor in.

    Also, you might want to consider vintage. I have seen a couple of vintage black croc Kellys on eBay that are within USD12K, or just a couple of thousand more. But don't forget to add GST.