How do you order the Classic Flap Bag?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I see some of you guys have ordered the classic flap bag either in store or over the phone. Today, i went to Saks/BG and they said its all sold out and a lot of ppl on the wait list (which i am aware of) but they were so rude and lazy to call other stores for me or even take my name down for the wait list! so my question is, is it possible to order even though theres a wait list...and which stores did you guys order from? please recommend! thanks!
  2. as far as i know, Hirshleifer's is the only store that accepts pre-orders. you just need to make a half deposit, and you're sure to get 1 when stock arrives... my super wonderful SA is Madison,
  3. they wouldn't take your name down for wait list?? hmmmm try one of the boutiques, probably better luck at mad or soho because smaller... or bloomingdales, b/c smaller... or there's hirshleifer's? for special order they take deposits a lot so the bag would be yours if you could get it that way... penney's great. or i guess check back in from time to time at any of those stores... or on here! (i got the impression there would be deliveries after pirce increase) good luck! at higher price shouldn't be too hard to find ;)
  4. hmmm as far as pre order at hirsh, are u able to exchange it if theres any defects? and would i have to pay to ship it back?
  5. I have never had prob with Hirshleifer's quality but I believe you can exchange (no refunds) within 10 days... but you'd have to check. I find them very reliable and easy to deal with and shipping in US not expensive. Penney rocks!
  6. ^yes. though a small window, 10days i think. just ask Madison for more details, she'll be happy to assist... regardless, w/ Hirsh you're sure to get a flawless brand-spanking new bag! if you read reviews here, i have yet to hear from a member who got a defective bag :smile:
  7. Ita

  8. Yes, either pre-order or get them to put you on the waitlist! You can also try calling the 800 number for Chanel to see if they can find one. The classic flap is really hard to locate right now!
  9. I got my Jumbo Lambskin with ghw from Chanel Soho. I was on a wait list for less than a month.Try calling Shion, she's very nice and accomodating. Good luck!