How do you order from the outlets??

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  1. I called the SH outlet about the paradiso print and they have like a dozen stellinas. now my question is how do you guys pick one? how willing are they to help you find a bag with good print placement? *sigh* stressing out now...maybe I should just try to let go of this paradiso obsession
  2. Ask for Lindsey at the SH outlet. If you don't get her, you're taking a bigger gamble. She'll be the most helpful picking one out for you. Be aware that with only 12 left, its possible none of them are "good placement" or have what you might want on them...or you'll get what you want on them but it doesn't mean the bag will "look good" especially since the stellina is difficult w/all the chopped up print on the front.

    Good luck!
  3. Yup I agree .. just give them a call and ask for Lindsey. You can describe what characters you want to her and she'll go through all the bags to help you out. She's really helpful. Don't worry about it and good luck!! :biggrin:
  4. Indeed. Lindsey is the way to go. How do you pick a good placement? Tell her the characters you're looking for, and she'll see if she can find them and there ya go.
  5. i had her help with my paradiso bambinone a small bag and i was able to get every character through her (this was sunday i called, got it yesterday and have it on right now as i type while my students take an exam, haha!) but for as large as the characters are only one character i wanted was slightly obstructed but she even told me that, she is great!
  6. lol socprof ... your students probably think you're typing something very important :biggrin:
  7. as always, purses are quite important :smile:
  8. lol yes they are! :biggrin:
  9. i wore my paradiso bambinone to class today, i think they think i'm the oddball :smile:
  10. lol socprof! One of my coworkers was staring at my pirata gioco yesterday with a look on her face that screamed "wth is that?!" She looked so disgusted at my bag .. but whatever ... what does she know .. haha
  11. HAHA people are odd. no one else has them around here except my roommate, she is a student where i teach, but i'm close to some students age, it's just funny because i'm wearing a blondie t shirt, blue zip up sweater, jeans, socks with skulls and this little bambinone in paradiso and about 3 shades of eyeshadow...i get strange looks a lot ;) some people also get so uncomfy by someone else displaying personality or having fun..i've had students who tell my boss i'm unprofessional because i'm too 'student like' in the classroom by dress etc SCREW them!
  12. what?! heck if I had a professor dress like that I'd think it was way cool. Sheesh .. who knew students were so stuffy .. lol
  13. i know! i was excited as a student too, but who knows. some expect that "total" college environment or something haha
  14. I had the opposite reaction to my Pirata Bambione (did I spell that correctly? :smile: ) Everyone at work was oogling over the little smiley faces on it, and at Starbucks last night another girl said how much she liked it. :heart:
  15. aww, good. i get excited when people are nice. i'm like a puppy haha.