How do you order a Special Order Purse??

  1. what is the additional fee for this (other than the material, like is it a set additional price or do they just come up with a price determined but what you order??)
  2. Usually there is a 30-35% markup. You have to go to an LV boutique to request a special order, then they will get in touch with the factory to find out if they will even do the special order. I am not too sure how long it takes to get an answer. What kind of special order were you thinking about?
  3. If it's a more common special order, they will give you an answer right there and charge you. Then you won't get it for months...yea 30% markup and more depending on the material.
  4. Sometimes they won't do it at all... depending on what you ask. Like, when I asked them to do a medium looping in Vernis they said no...
  5. As others said, the markup is about 30% and a 50% deposit.

    Things that cannot be SO'd:
    -Small leather goods
    -Bags that have been out for less than 2 years
  6. I guess it's because the Vernis leather is too soft for making a of my friend is dying for a Vernis speedy, but the SA told her the same thing...:s
  7. awww i wanted a vernis speedy. blahhh do you think they would do a vernis pochette....not a lexington??

    do you know if they made a lexington in pomme d amour??
  8. Yes...I just sent an email to Louis Vuitton few days ago to ask about special order items.

    Here is the reply:

    "Dear Ms. Wu,

    We would like to thank you for your visit on our web site and your
    interest in Louis Vuitton.

    It is my pleasure to provide details on our special orders process.
    Special order requests are handled on a case-by-case basis, and in order
    to initiate the process of requesting any special order, we invite you
    to visit any Louis Vuitton boutique and discuss your specifications with
    a sales associate. They will then forward the request to Paris after
    which time you will be provided with approval status, estimated price,
    and estimated time needed to complete the project. Please note that the
    stores will require a 50% deposit should your request be approved.

    We are looking forward to your next visit on our web site,
    Louis Vuitton: luxury leather luggage, French fashion designer.

    Best regards,
    Sarah Sinclair - LOUIS VUITTON

    Louis Vuitton: French fashion designer, luxury leather luggage
    Louis Vuitton: luxury leather luggage, French fashion designer

    ps. this is just a simple e-mail reply...I am not working in LV. (I wish I am)
  9. I placed an order for a SO bag back in November and still havent gotten a call yet. When I placed the order they said that they will have someone draft a picture of the bag and then someone will take that draft to Paris to see if it could be made.

    I think the price of the bag will vary depending on what you order. If it is a custom made bag Im assuming that it will be a lot more than 30%. They said that they will send me a draft of the bag and notify me of the price before I commit. Once I commit I am obligated to pay.

    I am not sure how long it will take but my order was taken over 2 months ago and I have not received a response yet. Neither has my store. Maybe it wasnt approved???
  10. i was told after a week that they could not make the SO bag that i was hoping for.

    now i'm thinking about designing my own bag- Aulii- is that what you did? design your own?
  11. I don't believe LV will let you design your own bag. I have tried. For some reason, they allow unique hard sided items but not bags.
  12. In the denmark store I saw a hard sided kinda small trunk SO in black epi to carry something in particular I don't remember what anymore but it was :borg1: :amazed: over 5K$
  13. I wonder if they would make a full vachetta speedy and how much would they charge for that
  14. I's sure they would, the've made vachetta Almas and Noes.
  15. lv will absolutely let you design your own bag. i had a long talk with my sa about it this week. its what lv is all about- they started as a handmade, custom made luggage company. there are probably things you can't do but i think you can make something up and see if it will get approved. i'm assuming it's very costly. my SA suggested it to me and said in all her time in lv she's only had it done once or maybe a few times.