How do you or can you block bidders

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  1. I am a bit ticked right now as I was really excited that my handbag had sold for the BIN price. That was until I checked their feedback and saw 33 negatives for the day. I guess the buyers account is highjacked and those that did it have been BIN to all sorts of sellers.

    eBay gave me back my fees and I can now re-list But I want to block the bidder. eBay has not taken care of the highjacked account and I don't want to have to re-list again because these people clicked BIN again. So can I block a particular bidder or should I just do a straight auction?
  2. You could always add 'immediate payment required'.
    Also in your Account Preferences under buyer requirements you can for example block bidders that have received 2 unpaid item strikes within the past 30 days, etc.
  3. Just add to your blocked buyers list in manage bidders on the link Hubba gave you
  4. Hi Ladies!

    This eBay feedback is already getting on my nerves! I have a person bidding on one of my bags with a neg 1 feedback. Neg 1 yeah right like I want to deal with that mess! Anyway now that you cant leave negative feedback this person could have been a NPB 10 times and I wouldnt know it. I canceled the bids but how do I block the bidder as well. PLEASE HELP!
  5. You need to add buyer requirements in your selling preferences. Go under My account on Ebay and click the "Preferences" link. In the Seller Preferences section, click on the Edit link and the Buyer Requirement page will open up. You select what u want & you're done.
  6. Thank you for your help!
  7. Go here to add the bidder to your Blocked Bidder/Buyer List.
  8. You're welcome!:smile:
  9. You're welcome, glad I can help.:smile:
  10. You can also block bidders with low feedback and NPB's when using the long version of the listing form. It will be near the bottom of the page. It won't block identified bidders; rather, it blocks all bidders with two strikes in the last month, etc. I use it every time I do a listing. Hope this helps!
  11. In the past I've blocked a couple of bidders...
    Where do I go and how do I do this?
    thanks! you guys always come through...
    sorry, I forgot!:shame:
  12. Thanks bunches!!!!:heart: