How do you not sell to someone on ebay?

  1. I had a thread the other day about non-paying ebayers. I stated in my auction that I wanted payment in 24 hours of auction end. A poster here advised me that the winner had 7 days to pay, and that I should just ask when to expect payment. I did and the winner-I use that term loosely-said Friday (today). That is fine, no problem, at least I know what to expect. Meanwhile, I see this bidder participating in other auctions, and winning them. Today, I contacted the buyer to verify payment would be today. They said they are having problems with their paypal account and would not be able to pay today. WTF? What are my options? The seven day limit expires tomorrow morning. Do I have to wait? I emailed this seller and asked if they intended on paying or if I should just relist the response. This is an ebayer with 2 feedback scores, and I am wondering if they are a scammer reincarnated? Any similar experiences/outcomes would be appreciated!
  2. I would just file the NPB as soon as possible, it's a long process where they get a chance to pay but if they don't, you get your money back and can relist the item without having to pay again. Maybe they just need some threatening from eBay and not just you !

    Oooh I also forgot to add, if you're worried about retalitory feedback for negatives, people that don't pay and have a NPB filed against them can leave feedback but it won't count against you since they're clearly the jerk in the transaction.