How do you not end up with ..... So many

  1. black and brown bags?

    For the longest time I wanted the chocolate brown signature gallery bag, I have the option to get on a a nice price but i'm thinking I have it in black, why not get another style in brown.

    Then I want the brown /mahoney signture stripe tote but I wont it in punch and the old black, not the gun metal. BUT then I want the chelsa in the old black not the solid black...

    OMG I'm going to either end up with several bags in the same style or a ton in the same color.

    I'm a bag ho now too not just shoes... LOL
  2. This is my problem too! There are some bags that I just love but they are only available in black or some form of brown. So far I've resisted building up each color but I don't know how long I can hold out.
  3. OI its driving me :hysteric:
  4. I feel your pain! I'm loving Luci right now, love Lily....both are just black/brown. What's a color loving girl to do? I can only hope that Coach will give us some color soon in some of these great bags.
  5. For some reason, I feel guilty if I buy a really nice bag in a non-neutral color, even though I COVET things like the canary Bleeker duffle. I've been trying to break myself out of the black/brown rut by adding color through accessories on the bag, and I'm slowly but surely getting used to it. :smile:
  6. I want one in every color and every style.... Darn better cash in the lotto ticket :smile:
  7. I am the queen of brown bags...almost all my bags are some shade of brown, and I must confess that my black Ali doesn't get NEAR the time the whiskey one does! Sometimes I think I need to branch out but other times I realize that I should just appreciate that I know what I love to carry.

    I also love red and have a couple of those.... brown is just so versatile and practical. Maybe I'll branch out and buy a white or turquoise bag one day, but that would be livin' pretty large for me!:nuts:
  8. Brown and Black are the easiest to wear and never go out of style. They also don't show scratches and dirt as much as lighter colors. So... that is how I justify having lots of black and brown expensive bags! And... I really do use them all at different times depending on where i'm going, what i'm wearing and who i'm going to see!
    So it is not a problem... it's a RATIONAL choice :graucho:
  9. I have almost always bought brown bags but I usually sell the one I had before and get the new one. I have never had a ton of bags, it's not my thing. :shrugs:
  10. Almost all of my bags are brown or black!! I do have one or two other colors, but for some reason I am just drawn to those colors!
  11. I feel exactly the same way.;)
  12. Most of my bags are brown and black too, although I have branched out recently with the plum belted ergo and the red embossed leather Hamptons carryall! As much as I would admire a very bright/summery color bag on someone, I know it would not be "me" so I stick pretty much to my neutrals, and just give then a punch of color w/a ponytail scarf and cute charm.
  13. I have alot of brown in my collection. All shades of Brown are my favorites (brown Ali, mahogany patent ergo hobo, Bleeker laced flap walnut). I have however branched out into other colors in the past year - Magenta, canary, clay, bottle green, ink, turquoise - so I love color too but brown will always be my favorite in bags, shoes and clothing. By the way brown and lavender is an awesome combination!
  14. I guess its because since the bag is a couple of hundreds of dollars you want something you can use alot. Many of us are not that Brave. I love color Bags, but I am always afraid I am never going to get enough use of it. Or at least my moneys worth.
  15. ITA...most of us can't buy $700 bags in every color. You want to make sure you get your money's worth. For me, I LOVE the Miranda in blue and the Lily in Atlantic, but I would never get $1200 worth of use out of a turquoise bag, so for a bag that expensive, it would have to be black or brown.

    Where I can really add color to my collection is through wristlets or eBay finds for under $100 on the older Soho hobo styles.