How do you moisturize your gathered and woven leather purses?

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  1. How do you moisturize your gathered and woven leather items? I am concerned about getting too much moisturizer in the crevices and not being able to get it out. Any techniques to share?

    My gathered leather sophia is OK to use Coach moisturizer on per the cleaning card. Haven't checked the Kristin Woven wristlet yet, but I assume it will be the same.

  2. Very carefully, with a stack of Q-Tips on hand to wipe up excess?
  3. i just put a small amount of leather moisturizer in my gathered bags... then apply it in certain areas first then work my way around the bags... i have not tried it yet with the woven ones...usually the SA's told me moisturize it once a month... but havent done that... only as needed...
  4. Do you use a rag to apply? I just bought the kit :smile:
  5. the SA gave me the cloth that they use for their bags. it just looks like a regular white soft cloth like any shirt....i did get a coach leather cleaner and moisturizer. havent not tried the apple products...

  6. I usually use Lexol products to clean and moisturize delicate, textured, or woven leather bags. It is a thinner, lighter product and not a thick, opaque cream.

    I use the Lexol Cleaner (orange container) and the Lexol Conditioner (brown container). I buy them at a local riding store/tack shop but you can also find them online and sometimes at shoe repair stores.

    I get them in the Quick-Wipes container because they are so convenient and easy but they are more expensive. See links below:

    Lexol cleaner:

    Lexol conditioner:

    I also use Lexol wipes as a quick treatment for bags or before putting them into storage for awhile.
  7. I also just use a rag. I spot moisturize.
  8. Thanks everyone.

    What about the Apple conditioner? Is that less opaque or lighter than Coach's moisturizer? Is it safer to use on these textured bags?

    I have to place an order for Apple Protectant, and I was going to get the conditioner too to save on shipping.
  9. I only use apple conditioner and spray protector. DONT use the apple cleaner. That strips the color off.
    If you have a burlington coat factory nearby check there. They have the apple stuff often for 4.95 each.
  10. I've used apple cleaner in a few bags with no color issues, have you had any bad experiences with it?
  11. Yes it took the color right off one of my madison bags. I later searched on the forum in general and there were cases of other people that reported they suffered the same.